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Apr 1, 2010 03:56 PM

georges at sansome and commercial

has anyone been? i work nearby and pass it each day. i finally stopped in today to take a look at the menu/prices (since their website is still in progress), and i was overwhelmed by the smell of frying oil. their site says they offer sustainable seafood and locally grown organic produce. there is a display of seafood/fish on ice looking out of a window onto sansome street. might be a good place for after work drinks (i didn't see a drink menu with cocktail prices) and appetizers. most of their menu is seafood, but i did notice a chicken sandwich offered. i think most items, if not all, are less than $20 (maybe i was offered a lunch menu - i wasn't really paying attention). at around 1:45pm the place was pretty busy.

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  1. Sorry- I have nothing to offer but am curious too and want to join the thread. Thanks for the info you shared. I saw it the other day, and learned London Wine Bar closed (wow...)

    1. i walked by twice this morning (around 8:30 and again around 10:30am), and although the fish-on-ice display was gone (i would be worried if it were there all night!), there was a big white plastic scoop, a lemon slice, and a dirty soaked towel in its place. i wish they had some kind of screen they could pull down in between display changes. it was a turnoff to see that the scoop/lemon slice/towel combo hadn't moved in at least 2 hours... would it be weird/rude for me to stop in and make that suggestion? maybe i could do it anonymously over the phone...