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Apr 1, 2010 03:06 PM

Rome- Three Days and Nights

We will be in Rome at the end of April, early May for three days. We are arriving on a Thursday, leaving Sunday morning. We will be staying at the Hotel Cavillieri (Waldorf) on Via Alberto Cadlolo. We arrive Thursday afternoon and thought we would go see the Collisseum in the afternoon. We are going on a Jewish ghetto tour Friday am and need to be at the Vatican for a 2:15 tour the same day. We are doing a walking art tour on Saturday morning from the Ghetto and want to hit the Spanish Steps and some shopping in the afternoon.

Our breakfasts are included at the hotel. We would like a rec for lunch in the ghetto on Friday (we don't have too much time), a lunch near the Spanish Steps on Saturday after our art tour and three dinners. We were told to go to Molto for a dinner and wanted chowhound feedback. Thought Molto would be good for Saturday if it is recommended. We also need two other dinners. We would prefer casual but great trattoria-type places for the other two dinners and don"t need to blow the bank since I suspect there is great food around not at the high/high end. I am a big walker in terms of getting from place to place. We will probably be in casual comfortable clothes and shoes for the lunches

Many, many thanks in advance.

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  1. Your hotel, spelled Cavalieri, is better known locally as the Hilton (it recently became Hilton Waldorf Collection or something). You have to figure a taxi ride of at least 30 minutes (maybe €20, but it's been a long time since I took a taxi up there) to the Colosseum (the correct spelling). You'll have to verify that you're arriving early enough. You would want to stay downtown for dinner, not return to your hotel. You'll have a gap between sightseeing and a decent dinner hour, so plan on a walk and an aperitivo.
    I don't know anybody who has been to Molto, and it doesn’t get a very good review from the Gambero Rosso guide.
    There are lots of places to eat in the Ghetto. You'll have to see what time it is when you finish your tour. If you have a comfortable three quarters of an hour, go to the old Bleve wine shop on via S. Maria del Pianto, where there is an elegant buffet of mostly cold dishes and wine by the glass. There are also several kosher restaurants, and some non-kosher regular restaurants, but they may take longer. If you're really in a hurry there are at least two pizza al taglio places (the kosher one across from the old wine shop is great) and various snack possibilities.
    Dinner options have been discussed till the cows come home on this board, so first read the recent posts on Rome and see what appeals, then come back to narrow down your choices.

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      Thanks so much for your response. Sorry for the inept spelling....The renamed Hotel Cavalieri actually has a free shuttle to the Spanish steps with a stop at the Via Veneto. It also got great reviews and I got a terrific rate. The taxi fares are trivial when compared to the differential in the rate, so we opted to stay out of the core.

      Our friends ate at Molto and loved it- a first hand recommendation. Just wanted some Chowhound opinions. Obviously, I have some surfing on this board to do, and will take you up on your kind offer once the choices have been narrowed.

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        "If you have a comfortable three quarters of an hour, go to the old Bleve wine shop on via S. Maria del Pianto, where there is an elegant buffet of mostly cold dishes and wine by the glass."

        That would be La Vecchia Botega (sp?). V. S. Maria del Planto, 9a,11.

        1. re: steve h.

          Bottega, but it's not called that any more. The food and ambience have remained the same through some recent identity crises. I found the biz card I picked up recently: it is called Bottega Bleve. The address is as you say, tel +39-06-68192210,

      2. I stayed at the Waldorf Cavalieri and ate at Molto this past September. Whatever the guides say- forget it- Molto was amazing, and is not to be missed! We ate there on our last night, and when we go back this May, Ive already booked it!