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Apr 1, 2010 01:45 PM

Where in Calgary to rent pig roasting spit?

I suppose the title is pretty self explanatory, but does anyone know where in Calgary rents large spits that could be used to roast a whole pig?


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  1. You could give Good Time Party Rentals a try. Website is and their phone 3 is 402-291-0686. If they don't have it they may be at least be able to let you know who does.

    1. I had lunch yesterday at Spiros on 17th of my fave spots for pizza...and they were roasting a whole lamb on the patio on a spit...looked delicious! You should go there and order a # 11 and ask them if they own it or where they got it.

      1. The Calgary Hellenic society always has a few on the go at Greek Fest (for lamb), they also may rent theirs or be able to tell you where they rent from.