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Apr 1, 2010 12:08 PM

Interesting and good food in the Fort Worth area

I will be in Fort Worth this weekend. I would like to find a couple of restaurants that offer more than the typical appetizer, salad, piece on meat and some sort and desert.

Perhaps a great Vietnamese or Asian restaurant. A wonderful barbecue place- out of the mainstream.

Just not the ordinary upscale routine stuff.

Any ideas?

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  1. Well ... you might want to forget your examples ... I'm not sure we have great Vietnamese/Asian or wonderful BBQ in FW. If you're willing to drive a bit, there's good Asian food in surrounding areas ...

    Tillman's Roadhouse might be good ...

    Are you looking for hole in the wall type places? You like upscale but don't want it to be ordinary? You definitely want ethnic or regional?

    1. "Out of the mainstream" would be Chef Point Cafe in Watauga - just north (up 35) of FW.

      For BBQ, the best in FW would be Angelo's - off 7th St.

      FW being "Stockyard" country just isn't going to have much to offer on the Asian front. If you drivee about 15 min. east, Arlington has a lot of Asian influenced restaurants.

      Chef Point
      5901 Watauga Rd, Watauga, TX 76148