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Apr 1, 2010 12:08 PM

hard boiled eggs-storing?

I read that to easily peel hardboiled eggs for making deviled eggs, you should peel immediately after cooking. Can you then store the peel eggs for at least 2 days before making deviled eggs? any other advice for easy peeling of eggs?

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  1. You can store peeled, hb eggs in water. They will keep for a few days, but I find, peeled or not, hb eggs get a little rubbery after 5 days.

    The real trick to easy to peel eggs is not use very fresh eggs. Older eggs automatically peel easily because there is more air between the shell membrane and the actual egg. If you have super fresh eggs (as in less than a week old from the hen) you may want to leave them out on your counter for 24 hours so they age a bit. Most store-bought eggs are weeks old, so they work well for hard-boiling.

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      thanks for the tip on using older eggs... as it happens, I do have both farm fresh and store bought eggs in my fridge -and fresh duck eggs, but those are for my creme brulee :)