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Apr 1, 2010 12:00 PM

Oaxaca City

Can any chowhounds provide any recent updates on the dining scene - primarily street/market fare in Oaxaca de Jerez? I've read all the previous posts so no need to repost those.

Most interested in regional forms of Menudo, Carnitas, and Borrego. Also interested in Mole Amarillo and Chichilo.

Leaving in less than 2 weeks. Thanks so much and saludos

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  1. Sorry for the double text here, cannot work out the post edit protocol on this site at all.

    Just got back from a week in Oaxaca and while street food was not strong on our agenda (we have a 7 year-old) one of the best meals we ate was at Chabuelita at the rear of the Mercado 20 de Noviembre. Delicious chile relleno de picadillo de pollo, very cheap and clean. Also liked the champurrada (atole with chocolate, I think? pls excuse any spelling mistakes). If you cannot find your chosen chow there, I imagine that's a good place to ask for recommendations. The spot we tried was at the reco of a lady in the Guelagueta chocolate factory a little down the street.

    Our other favourite meals were at Itanoni in Col. Reforma ("corn as a fetish" - that's not meant as a slam, food was cheap and fantastic and owner was very friendly, you order on a list at the table like some sushi spots in the US), and light comida at Casa Oaxaca (a huge Botana Oaxaquena between self and wife that would have made a good appetizer for 6). Nice mezcal cocktails there too, a great rooftop deck setting behind Santa Domingo), and zero attitude.

    Enjoy your trip, I am most jealous!

    1. Some good to excellent street fare at the Friday tiangis in the Parque El Llano, in the northeast part of the city.

      1. The original comment has been removed