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Apr 1, 2010 11:53 AM


Having trouble deciding. Is there much difference in $$

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    1. I enjoyed Cuvée and Bayona, though on separate trips. I would opt for Bayona, based on those trips. [We had dined at Bayona years before, but these two trips were close in time.]

      Bot were good to very good, but there were issues at Cuvée, that were not resolved to my satisfaction. Things were nice, but the BOH was just sloppy, on that visit.

      My B-I-L was our guest for both restaurants. He's a NOLA native, as is my wife. He also agreed that Bayona was the better experience.

      Full reviews of both should still be up on this board. I'd make sure to choose "Past 5 Years," to make sure to get both.



      [Edit] Here is the Bayona review:

      Here is Cuvee review:

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