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Apr 1, 2010 10:27 AM

Foodie alert for great seafood in Levittown [moved from Pennsylvania]

There is a wonderful new seafood take out restaurant in Levittown that knocked my socks off last night. Ocean Delicacy. For now it is take out only and also a fresh fish market. The owner hopes to be able to add a dining room in the near future. Fresh Marlin, Hawaiian Butterfish - many hard to buy species for sale and on the menu. I ordered the sweet and spicy Butterfish dinner. It came with a wonderful homemade seafood chowder. The butterfish was possibly the best seafood I've eaten in a restaurant (honest). Thick pieces with a spicy, carmelized sugar coating, served with grilled carrots and squash plus a baked potato. My husband's stuffed flounder was stuffed with fresh crab meat and was also wonderful - served over rice with grilled spinach. Serves lunch and dinner to go and the prices are very reasonable. 4029 Veterans Hwy in Levittown, near the new (new - like maybe 4 year old) Giant. (btw, I know about the possible digestion upset with Butterfish but neither of us had any issues with it here). Highly recommend.

Ocean Delicacy
4029 Veterans Hwy, Levittown, PA 19056

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