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Apr 1, 2010 10:25 AM

Richmond Virginia Best BBQ Ribs

I recently stopped off in town on the way to DC from Florida and wanted to sample some pork ribs while in Richmond. Saw three right off the bat, but didnt know which one of em, of if there were more to choose from.

So from you Richmond or other chowhounds that have had the pleasure, what, say two are not to be missed in Richmond?


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  1. I would recommend waiting for NC to get barbeque. Central VA barbeque is surprisingly sad...Don't even think about the pulled pork --- Crockpot Barbeque just like Aunt Margaret used to make.

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    1. re: Milliezz

      Fair enough, now, where along 95 do I seek this satisfaction?

    2. This is one to consider,and is fairly new.

      This by Tuffy Stone,who was the comp bbq team of the year last year,a current member of the Pitmasters BBQ series on TLC,and a consistent top 10 national competitor.

      He has been a high end caterer in the Richmond area for many years,and now offers the products in a full service restaurant.

      We have cooked against Tuffy for years,and he is one of the best.


      1. Did you try posting on the Mid-Atlantic board (where Virginia falls under)? You might get more recommendations there. Although, I'd agree with Milliezz, if you're after good BBQ I'd stop in NC (NC BBQ is the best. Period. And then you should post on the South East board to get recommendations from people there). I don't have any clue what restaurants would be close to I-95, but I feel like it'll be better than VA anywhere you stop.

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          Tried a few places in Richmond, Sorta Ok. But I dont like Baby Back's. So it was good trip, and not to start a war, NC is ok, but from what I got, no better than any other "good" BBQ in AL, GA, VA, TN, or Mustard based SC. Problem is finding the good un's, when everybody swears this is the best. Thanks!

          1. re: RobertM

            i have had some good ribs in richmond. and some good pulled pork. not at the same places though. and not being from here i like nc bbq but agree with you that there are other good kinds. one of my favorite places in richmond serves kansas city style and it's lovely.

        2. The original comment has been removed