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Where can I find Kiwi Berries?

I had picked up some Kiwi Berries for $1 a pack at T&T supermarket recently. They were the size of a cherry tomato and tasted like a sweeter kiwi. Fantastic.

I went back for more and they were all gone. I've since only found them at Concorde supermarket on Centre St for $4 I think.

Has anyone found a good source of these for a little less then $4 so that I can stock up?

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    1. I have seen these at the Ontario food terminal in the fall (I used to run a farm market). Of course that is wholesale only, but I would think that some of the markets in Toronto might carry them at certain times of the year.

      Try searching Ontario Kiwi or Hardy Kiwi, of course that will only help you for local ones come the fall.

      1. I have seen them at T&T on Cherry street and Fiesta Farms.

        Good Luck. They are delicious!

        Fiesta Farms
        200 Christie St, Toronto, ON M6G, CA

        1. I've seen Kiwi Berries all the time at SuperCentres (Loblaws), mind you, not at a buck a pint, more like 3 to 4 dollars!

          1. Picked up a clamshell pack at T&T Cherry Street today. They are currently $1.99 each.

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              Just saw some at the Cheese Boutique in Etobicoke. They always have the rare fruits and veggies there. It is FOODIE HEAVEN

              Cheese Boutique
              45 Ripley Ave, Toronto, ON M6S, CA

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                im a sales rep and i see them mostly at the small independent fruit stores...ie sue's fruit market on chabad gate/bathurst, dave young on eglinton (near bathurst). I love them too. They are awesome but unfortunately its a short season.

            2. They were at Loblaws (Redway location) last week.

              1. saw them at the moose grocery on dundas in chinatown, 2 small clamshells for $3. they cashier was giving away tastes to entice customers. they're very refreshing.

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                  I live in NorthEast Pennsylvania and we grown Kiwi berries. They grow on a vine & they are ripe after the frist frost. I have never seen them for sale at a grocery store. They are very refreshing!!!

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                    love kiwi berries but I think they have a very short season.
                    Havent seen them for a while.


                2. Local Ontario kiwi berries can be purchased now and they won't be around for too long as their harvest season is over.

                  I discovered them last year at 'Rock Garden Farms' in Caledon (http://www.thehillsofheadwaters.com/r...). They currently sell for $4.95 a clamshell (half pint). However, I also found them at 'HighlandFarms' last weekend for $2.99!! Both places are supplied by 'Schouwenaar Orchards and Vineyards' (http://www.smallfruit.ca


                  'Rock Garden' sells the 'Anna' variety of the berry while 'Highland Farms' sells the 'Red Princess' variety.

                  This is my new favourite fruit!