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Apr 1, 2010 10:11 AM

Hinzes BBQ in Wharton..................

Is Hinzes pretty good BBQ. Thanks.

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  1. I've always enjoyed their 'cue'. However the sides lacked a lot IMO. A good friend of mine laid an interesting piece of trivia on me a few months ago. After years of calling "Hynzes" she told me the locals pronounce it "Hinz".... Go figure....

    1. I've stopped there a couple of times during road trips between Houston and the Mexican border and found it to be darn passable. In fact, really enjoyed it. Not up there in my personal 'top tier," but definitely on one of the lower rungs of my 'second tier.'

      It's better than anything I have thus far found in Houston, although I've yet to sample some of the Houston joints that others say are the best.

      1. I haven't stopped in maybe 3 years. My first visits I was very impressed both with the meats and sides (and that the sauce automatically came on the side, which is where it stayed on my table). Then I had a couple of less satisfactory experiences and stopped going. I particularly thought the sides declined to the canned/institutional variety but I don't get down that way very often and maybe I just caught them on off days.

        Funny the website doesn't mention the one in Sealy on 36 @ 10. I always thought they were the same folks but maybe not.

        I'd heard the same thing about the pronunciation of the name, too. Hinz with a short i.

        Anybody ever tried their cfs or other dishes besides bbq?

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          I stopped at the one in Sealy a couple months back. Also pretty good.. I did ask if they were related to the Wharton folks and was told that they are.

          I've had the fried shrimp a time or two at Wharton.

          If I recall correctly, it was quite good.


          1. re: Jaymes

            Have you ever stopped at Mustang Creek BBQ just down the road?