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Apr 1, 2010 09:52 AM

Deleware - Maryland - Virginia

My wife and I are planning to spend a week in May driving along the coast from Lewes DE (we're taking the ferry from NJ) down through Ocean City MD, and on to VA.
We are, of course, looking for recommendations for good places to eat local foods - crabs, crab cakes, B-B-Q, Southern cooking, etc.
Is it worth it for us to cross the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel? Should we go into NC? Nice scenery? Good food? Or maybe head inland?
Any and all comments and advice will be greatly appreciated.

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  1. We've done that drive many times on the way to NC. The best food we've found on Route 13 is the Great Machipongo Clam Shack. Simple, fresh, local seafood served in a casual setting (they even have some good, craft beers available). The website is mostly about their mail order seafood, but it's still interesting to check out:

    If you do cross the Chesapeake, one thought would be to push on to Smithfield . . .

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      I have always wondered about that Clam Shack. I have driven by it so many times.

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        Well, next time you drive by, I suggest you turn around, head back, and treat yourself to a beer and a plateful of fried oysters. (I find the salinity of the oysters from that part of the peninsula to be particularly enjoyable.)

    2. Last summer my son and I enjoyed the softshell crab sandwiches served outside the Lewes side of the ferry. I hope they will have a grill out there again this year. The view is so extraordinary.
      You will be driving right by Second Street so please plan to park and walk around our historic area! There is not a bad restaurant in downtown Lewes either. For an excellent crabcake, try Jerry's. For a view of the canal, try Irish Eyes. We have King's Ice Cream there and The Bake Shop is great if you are not ready for a full meal. There is so much good food to be found right there though. You can do a search to find out more about Lewes restaurants, Hugh DeMann. I could write an essay.
      On Highway One you will driving right by Big Fish which offers wonderful seafood in a relaxed and casual setting. We often order in their market and sit outside though.
      A little further down the highway past Dewey Beach you will see Blue Coast which would be another good choice for great seafood and with a view of the bay.
      For Ocean City recommendations you can do a search here but you can also check online with a new resource called OC Insiders. I found them on Facebook recently and plan to use them in the future for myself.
      You might enjoy crossing the bridge and driving to the Outer Banks to visit Kitty Hawk and to see the beautiful lighthouses! Wilmington, North Carolina is a very beautiful seaside town too. I think it is quintessentially Southern and worth seeing.

      Outer Banks
      7734 Hampton Blvd, Norfolk, VA 23505

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