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Apr 1, 2010 07:29 AM

Where in toronto can i buy carbonated water machine?


I am sick of buying a case of san pellegrino a week from costco.

Does anyone know where in Toronto I can buy a machine to make my own.

Any recommendations on brand??

Dehydrated in Toronto

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  1. The Penguin Soda Stream Water Carbonator is on the Williams Sonoma website. I could imagine that they probably have it in-store as well.

    Lisa - The Hip & Urban Girl's Guide @

    1. SodaStream is sold at several stores called Home Comfort Centre - there's one in the Pacific Mall and another one on Leslie just north of Hwy 7. I bought mine maybe a couple of years ago (can't remember now) and absolutely loved it because it allows me to use my own well water and carbonate to whatever level of fizz I like. THEN they ran out of gas for about 4 months and I was irritated. And THEN they increased the price of the gas cannisters. I still love the machine and it's still, in the end, worth it to buy the gas at this inflated price but I am annoyed by the increase. There are ways around the system, though. So far I've been unsuccessful in following through on any of them. There are allegedly places that will refill your gas cannisters for a reasonable price, but the ones I've contacted either require you to leave the cannisters with them for several days to a week, or don't deal with the size of cannister I have. Since I live outside Toronto, I can't deal with these complications. So I buy the expensive gas and live in hope that one day my husband will decide to become technical and learn how to refill the cannisters himself.

      Anyway, long story short: I love the machine - it works like a charm. And it costs less per bottle than anything else I would buy instead.

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          Just out of much are the gas cannisters? My husband and I are thinking of getting one now too - we are trying to work out the cost so we know what we are committing to.

          Lisa - The Hip & Urban Girl's Guide @

          1. re: FoodieGirl29

            IIRC a new canister is $35 and exchanges are $20.

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              I keep 4 canisters at home. When I'm going into Toronto, I'll bring as many empties as I have and exchange them for fulls, so that I always have some gas around. I usually get into the city before all 4 run out.

        2. I also love my sodastream. I found it cheaper to order online (e-bay) for the machine and spare bottles. They won't ship the canisters (for obvious reasons), so those I get at Home Comfort Centre.

          1. Cooks Illustrated reviewed these machines in the most current issue, and selected the Penguin as the best choice by far.

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              Unless I'm mistaken, the actual guts of the Penguin is the same as the regular SodaStream. The difference is the style of the unit and the fact that it has a glass bottle. If I were to do it again, I'd want a glass bottle BUT the style is so cutesy stupid I have trouble with it. On the other hand, I keep it in a pantry where no one sees it so it doesn't really matter....

              1. re: Cheech5001

                I have known of 4 Penguins and 7 cryatals that had yo be replaced after a few months of use

              2. I have the EcoSoda model from SodaStream. I love the ease of use and the flexibility in amount of carbonation one can add. CO2 replacements/spares can be purchased at retail locations that sell the systems. (The shipping costs directly from the manufacturer are prohibitively expensive.) The Pepper Mill in Hazelton Lanes is just one of the retailers that carry SodaStream.