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Apr 1, 2010 07:18 AM

Passover Liquor - NY

I have been trying to find a list of what liquors are kosher for Passover but have not found much information. Does anyone have a full list? More importantly, I am looking to find a bar/restaurant in Manhattan that either adheres to Passover or carries a couple kosher for Passover liquors for this weekend. Any help would be appreciated!
Thanks so much.

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  1. There are some restaurants around NYC that serve kosher for passover wine. With regard to liquor, there are no liquors that are kosher for passover without special certification because many liquors nowadays are wheat- and grain-based. Some liquors are available though with certification, including vodka, tequila, amaretto and the very special Slivovitz (which doubles as motor fuel). I would check a bigger liquor store to see what they have, especially in a Jewish neighborhood like the Upper West Side.

    1. I know that SKYVIEW Liquors has a list of everything in their store Kosher for Passover, with liquors on it as well.

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        Understand that much of it is just plain awful. The $20 vodkas can't really stand on their own and the $40 vodka isn't really twice as good. The Slivovitz is good for sipping (but very hash) and the tequila is very pricey (for what it is) and would not be worth it any other time of year.

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          I agree. Although some of the cognac is nice.

      2. Zachlawi makes vodka in plain and various flavors including mojito...Arak is also often Kosher for Passover.

        These are available at the multitude of liquor shops in Brooklyn that carry kosher items, as well as in Cedarhust, LI.

        1. Bought a bottle of the 209 Gin that is Kosher for Passover (OU-P). It's for a kiddush at shul this shabbat, so I'll let you know the consensus from those who drink it.

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            Those who tried the 209 Gin all loved it. The problem is Jews don't drink gin - not during the rest of the year, and not even during Pesach when they can't have their single malts.

          2. parhaps not NY but Kedem NJ should soon have it in their portfolio