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Apr 1, 2010 07:05 AM

Philly Chow Needs Dinner Recommendation

Hi Bmore Chows -- I am looking for a non-touristy dinner spot, preferably in walking or short-cab distance from the Inner Harbor. Needs to be slightly kid friendly, but I would prefer an adult restaurant that will accommodate kids, not the other way around! Thanks :)

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  1. Any limitations on price or type of food?

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    1. re: hotel

      not over-the-top prices, no dress code beyond the usual, but otherwise, no limitations.... I'm happy to pay for a good meal/experience....

      1. re: phillybakingqueen

        Pretty wide range here:

        Thai Arroy on Light St, Iggies (pizza) on Calvert St, Asahi Sushi on Broadway, Mekong Delta (viet) on Cathedral, Abbey Burger Bistro just off Cross St. The first 4 are BYOB for the record. I know how people from Philly love BYO's!

        Thai Arroy
        1019 Light St, Baltimore, MD 21230

        Asahi Sushi
        13919 Baltimore Avenue Suite 4, Laurel, MD

        Mekong Delta Cafe
        105 W Saratoga St, Baltimore, MD 21201

        Abbey Burger Bistro
        1041 Marshall St, Baltimore, MD 21230

        1. re: hotel

          Can't you get so-so Thai food or middling sushi in Philly? There are a wide range of options in a number of neighborhoods, but I'm going to ignore the walking request and assume that you'll take either a cab or water taxi. For seafood, I'd recommend the water taxi over to Canton, and then go to Mama's on the Half Shell. The upstairs dining room has always been very kid friendly. A taxi ride could get you to the Helmand, which has a more formal feel (so this depends on your kids), but is affordable and interesting Afghan food. For another experience you might not get in Philly, you could try Dukem for Ethiopian food. Depending on your itinerary, if you find yourself in Federal Hill and are up for a bit of a walk, Birches has always been good and has a few nice outdoor tables. And if you should find yourself in or near little Italy, while I can't think of a great restaurant recommendation Vaccaro's and Piedegrotta offer up great Italian pastries. Vaccaro's think enomrous and fun, while Piedegrotta think very high quality.

          1. re: Jason1

            In Little Italy, my kids love La Scala. There is an indoor bocce ball court downstairs, and the wait staff are always friendly to my boys and invite them to try to play. Then you can walk to Vaccaro's for an excellent dessert.

            La Scala
            1012 Eastern Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21202