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Apr 1, 2010 05:53 AM

ISO ramps

anyone seen them yet this year? Anyone know of farm markets that had them last year? I'm in Nashua, so if you know of any places north of Boston that would be awesome.

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  1. Based on threads from previous years, it's a bit early for them yet - looks like they start turning up at Whole Foods and Russo's later in April, and local ramps don't seem to arrive till well into May.

    1. If you're in Nashua, you should be able to find some yourself if you don't mind getting your shoes muddy. Try googling words like "wild food gathering" + New Hampshire, try your local newspaper's back issues for articles about "local characters" who go out for mushrooms or fiddleheads, check to see if your regional natural history museum has ever hosted a wild foods workshop.
      You can't live anywhere in northern New England without having a neighbor within a few miles that knows where the best patches of ramps/fiddleheads/chanterelles/blackberries/blueberries/jerusalem artichokes are.

      Course, that doesn't mean we're necessarily going to be willing to TELL you... :)

      1. Oh, and yes, it is still too early.

        Seriously, ramps are one of the most foolproof of wild foods - there's nothing else out there that looks AND SMELLS like a ramp, so it's pretty hard to make a mistake and end up eating something poisonous.