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Apr 1, 2010 04:42 AM

Revere Tavern - Paradise, PA

The menu here looks good. Has anyone eaten here that can comment on food/atmosphere?

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  1. Not in several years I regret to report. The food here was very good, the best to be found in the area by far. i worked with he fellow who was the chef and they did good work. He is no longer there but I know it is the same ownership. I think worth a try, but I won't and can't speak to how things are these days.

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      Thanks. The menu looked good, so we're considering it.

    2. Hi . The Revere Tavern is an outstanding choice for a wonderful dinner or lunch . We have been going there , for over 20years , and have never had a bad experience .
      The food is the best available , whether you like beef , seafood , or chicken or veal .
      No meat options are also available .
      The wait staff are remarkably friendly , and knowledgeable , about the menu items , and the local area attractions .
      If you need a place to stay over , there is an excellent hotel on the same property , The Best Western Revere Motor Inn .
      I suggest reservations whenever you plan on going , particularly on weekends .
      We will be there this coming weekend , and cannot wait !!!