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Apr 1, 2010 04:41 AM

GO Grocery Outlet, Asheville?

Isn't there a discount grocery store in Asheville called GO Grocery Outlet that sells some "gourmet" type stuff? I know I read about it on here, but now I can't find any reference to it, and I can't find the website for it either (and I know I've looked at the website in the past). Has it closed?

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      1. re: carolinadawg

        There is a GO store/chain in that area.

        There's one in Brevard.

        I think they changed owners a few years ago and, from what I saw, they had fewer gourmet items and fewer wine deals than in the past.

        1. re: castaway

          Yes, Grocery Outlet is still around. Since they were bought out, their website has changed to the United Grocery Outlet site. Not many gourmet items there though. Mainly canned goods and soon to expire package goods. I have found very good deals on some cheeses there but not lately. I've also bought Lurpak compound butters there pretty cheap in the past, but again, not in a long time.

    1. There is also Dickie's Half Price Foods. Go to the one at the location the link is for:

      No where near as extensive as Amazing Savings, but there can be some fantastic deals. If sell by or expiration dates make you nervous, then skip this place!

      I hit Dickie's first, then Amazing Savings. Parking is much easier at the Swannanoa location of A.S. than the one in Asheville. If you have a cooler there is usually some decent cheese, hard sausage and many other cold items. If you have the space you can save tons on cereal and chips.