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Apr 1, 2010 02:49 AM

The five and Diamond in Harlem?

Hey Chowhounders- My wife and I recently moved to Harlems west side and wanted to celebrate this weekend with her mother/father as well as mine-so it'll be 6 people in total. We were hoping to celebrate at an upscale restaurant in Harlem but really there weren't that many to choose from...that is until I heard about this place...... The 5 and Diamond. Any reviews out there?

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  1. Don't know this place but Mojo Cafe on 119th St. is a great up-scalish place. with veery good food.

    1. We haven't been yet to Five & Diamond. But it looks like a really nice space. We walked by it on Sunday 3/21 and it was hopping. If you do go there, please report back.

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        I took a party of 4 for brunch today at The 5 and Diamond and I must say that it was a fantastic experience. The portions weren't huge but that was ok for us as we aren't big eaters anyway. The quality of the ingredients was top notch and the chef was VERY accomodating in making some substitutions to some of the dishes. The service was also fantastic-plenty of staff walking around willing to help in any way. I had the burger (rare)-cooked to perfection. My wife had a stergeon salad and she said it wasn't the most flavorful but the freshness of the dish made up for that. Mother in law had the eggs benedict-this I have to say was the standout meal. The eggs were awesome-with a rich yellow yolk and the bread used as base was a cheddar popover-Deliscious! My mother had the kohlrabi salad.Out of all the dished this one was perhaps a bit dissapointing-this size was a bit too small and it seems she left still hungry-but really she needed some sort of protein on that thing. So, I'm really looking forward to returning back for dinner next time- Give this one a try Chowhounders-you won't be dissappoionted!

        5 & Diamond
        2072 Frederick Douglass Blvd, New York, NY 10026

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          Thanks for the report back. It sounds great and when I looked in at the space it looked really nice too. Sounds like a good addition to the general area.

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            Does anyone know where I can find the menu? I've been looking for it, but I guess they don't have a site.

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                Their pricing is more in line with locations that pay significantly more rent.
                I am turned off by that. Happens in locations all over the city.
                Have not eaten there but I just cannot imagine it to be excellent. Hopefully, it is at least good.

        2. We are planning to go there next week. Will report back if it happens. In the meantime, here's something for your reading entertainment:

          1. Went this week for the first time. Great, great place. Best food and atmosphere in Harlem by at least a mile. Here's to hoping it is just first in a line of great new places to open up here.