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Apr 1, 2010 12:17 AM

Late Night Nashville?

Coming into town for the Nashville film festival (at the regal green hills) and will be premiering a film that gets out at 11PM. We are staying at the Homewood suites downtown. I am sure that we will be starving, and prowling around downtown. As a bunch of excited New Yorkers we will be looking for a place to grab a drink and a bite. I know it's going to be a Tuesday, but it doesn't hurt to ask. A local hole in the wall with good bbq, or any hidden gem would be great, even if it's an otherwise unsavory place that has one standout thing worth getting.

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    1. re: pete k

      That list is a good start. A few notes:

      I think Mas Tacos is in hibernation until later in the spring ... they have a Twitter acct, check there as to the latest update. They Twitter their location every day.

      Be aware that a lot of hole-in-the-wall type places don't serve alcohol, or if they do, it's not really a feature.

      As for other ideas ...

      You'll have to check the times on all of these individually, some will close at 11:00 or so, others will be open later on a weeknight.

      In general, you might like just heading up to Hillsboro Village -- very convenient to Green Hills (on the same road, actually, north of I-440; Hillsboro Rd changes names to 21st Ave as you go north). Probably depends on if drinking or eating is a priority; I'd recommend it for drinking and OK food late night. Lots of restaurants/bars on that main strip -- Jackson's might fit the bill especially (and I know it stays open into the wee hours). More upscale, just behind Jackson's, are Sunset Grill and Cabana. There's a brewpub called Bosco's across the street. A little further north and east is South Street Dive Bar. On that same block are four more upscale restaurants -- Bound'ry, Lime, and Miro District, plus an Italian restaurant.

      If you want to go a further afield, take a look at PM on Belmont Blvd. You can go cheaper or go more expensive there, depends on what you get.

      On the east side of town, a competitor to Prince's is Bolton's Spicy Chicken and Fish, and I know they tend to be open late. There are lots of bars etc. in the Five Points area of East Nashville, as well, but I don't know them as well as I know the west side.

      Here's a link to a pretty comprehensive restaurant guide ... all the places mentioned in the slide show and by me, plus more.

    2. Jack's BBQ downtown is great, not sure if open that late. I've eaten right at the bar of some of the honky-tonks after midnight, burgers and such, typical grill food....Roberts comes to mind.