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Mar 31, 2010 08:33 PM

Best Hawaiian BBQ in San Diego

IMO. It's a place called Homestyle Hawaiian by Kearny High School.

Check it out.

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  1. I always love trying new Hawaiian places, and this one is somewhat close by. Thanks for the heads up. Is it in the same center as K's Vietnamese sandwiches?

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      I heard this place was opened by the guy from Mo's Island Grindz (formally Da Kitchen) that closed down in Scripps Ranch. KirkK from mmm-yoso spoke about it on his blog awhile back. I had gone to try it about 6 month ago, but they were barely getting started and were closed when I went by. I hadn't gotten a chance to go back. It wasn't in the K Sandwiches center, but just west in a little strip mall past Mien Trung.

      K Sandwiches
      7604 Linda Vista Rd, San Diego, CA 92111

      Mien Trung Restaurant
      7530 Mesa College Dr Ste A, San Diego, CA 92111

      Da Kitchen
      9823 Carroll Canyon Rd Ste I, San Diego, CA 92131

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        Ugh. Double post, then when editing to correct it, it deleted everything. Sorry. :(

        I was saying that I used to love Mo's back when it was still Da Kitchen and living nearby I was a regular, but they got worse and worse after Mo took ownership and changed the name. I eventually gave up and later heard from a reliable source that they finally got shut down by the Health Department. Let's just say that by then from what I'd seen and experienced it didn't surprise me -- though they were still getting good reviews from the (apparently?) clueless.

        Does anybody know if they actually cleaned up their bad act, or if they just moved it? They're now near where I am during the day, and I do still fantasize about the food which was very good when it still WAS good...hmmm, I might have the give the Health Dept a call and see what their rating and violation status is, lol.

        1. re: Proginoskes

          So in answer to my own question, it looks like they've gotten "A" grades on their inspections so far at this new location. Awesome. I guess I know where I'm having lunch tomorrow. ;)

          1. re: Proginoskes

            I'm surprised... I've been meaning to check this place out ever since I heard about it from Kirk's blog. Finally on a very hot 5th of July I decided to drop in to check Homestyle Hawaiian out. Wasn't out to get anything to eat, just some shaved ice to chase off the heat.

            What I saw I was totally unprepared for. Just one young kid running the whole shop, chatting with his friends on one of the tables with the kitchen and the counter looking a big mess. All kinds of alarms were ringing, but for whatever reason, I guess I didn't just want to walk out, I ordered anyway.

            I realized that the situation was worse than I had originally scouted when I watched him prep something for another customer. I don't know what it was, but they were scooping something out of an open box just lying on the dirty floor. I could see food-covered utensils were just lying on the counter in the abandoned kitchen, and the tables in the front were not left unbussed. Too much for one kid to handle, I am sure. Where are the owners or the management?

            Anyway I told him to cancel my order, and I clearly told him why. Your kitchen's and restaurant's a complete mess, and I cannot trust anything that comes out of it. Being that this was in July after apparently passing for an 'A', I wouldn't count on them keeping any level of standards for any length of time.


            1. re: cgfan

              I went back in August and had virtually the same experience except I still ate my kahlua pork (which was just ok, and obviously had been sitting in a crock pot all day). We live sort of close so I was bummed that the place was so disgusting.

              1. re: MrKrispy

                They were shutdown by the Department of Health for a while (according to the Dept's website). Not surprising. The website shows they have since re-opened, hopefully they got some basic lessons in food handling.

    2. Do they do ribs cut flank style? I'm thinking the old Azeka's in Maui style.

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      1. re: cstr

        Gosh I miss deluxe teri sandwich and fries w/ ketchup and mustard from Azeka's on that way back from Makena.

        1. re: cstr

          That brings back some fond memories: When I was in my early teens in the early 1980s, I got SCUBA-certified by the Maui Dive Shop in Azeka Place. Had more than a few plate lunches (and a ton more marinated ribs, teri, poi, inari sushi, etc from the store to take "home") from there.

          We also used to go to Tasty Crust in Wailuku. I think that's actually still there. :-)

        2. I like L&L in Mira Mesa. I know it is a chain and the more restaurants turn into chains the more they expand the less they think about thr food and they only think of the allmighty dollar...but I still like it there. lol

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          1. re: sd4life

            I concur, Homestyle Hawaiian is the bomb dot com. L & L's are mutating into I-don't-know-what with their additional Chinese menu (in Oceanside), boba drinks, and smoothies. WTH!? It's just weird. Homestyle Hawaiian or Island Style Cafe is the only way to go.

            Island Style Cafe
            5950 Santo Rd, San Diego, CA 92124