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what snacks should I keep in my hotel fridge??

I might get hungry at a random time

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  1. Bumble Bee tuna, honey, beef jerky, Coke, peanuts, pizza, asparagus, garbanzo beans cranberry juice, pasta, canned herring and Duke's mayo.

    1. Snicker's ...Milky Way....3 Musketeers


      1. For me it would be diet coke, bottled water, cheese, olives, nuts, some sort of fruit and I'd go for the tuna too!

        Then I'd have some crackers and pretzels outside the fridge to go with the above.

        1. Whatever you eat a home when you "get hungry at a random time."

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            For long term stays, I choose chips and saltines, and eat them in bed. That way I can see if housekeeping is doing the daily job.

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              That's funny. I had a week long business stay in Tallahassee. There was a chip that lay just under the bed. After about three days, I said "yoohoo, try telling me this room is getting cleaned."

          2. cottage cheese, yogurt, hard-boiled eggs, grilled or raw veggies from a local market salad bar, vegetable soup (i eat it cold)... sometimes i'll stock things that are already in it... i don't know, there are certain things i only ever eat in a hotel, and that way i can appease the craving without paying 15 dollars per bite.

            1. Cold 2/$1 Jack in the Box tacos.

              1. My husband is in the film industry and this means he often gets hauled off to stay on location in a hotel for 3 months at a time. If that location is Miami I can drive down on the wekends from Orlando and I always bring him stuff, because sometimes he is too busy.

                Really its about favorites, if you only have a small amount of space you want to stack it with things you know your going to love and you also have to consider if you have a microwave, or better yet a stove (extended stay type places are the best for that)

                So I'm assuming all you have is a minifridge and counter space there for you can stock up on some dry items to go with your refridgeration type foods.

                Brie, Crackers and Grapes is something I love.

                I would also suggest if the hotel gives out a complimentry breakfast you can stock up on dry cereal and milk, or grab a banana.

                We tried ice cream in the freezer section but it makes a mess if the minfridge is stocked full, it did not freeze well.

                While on a trip to the pacific northwest, we actually a kept smoked salmon fillet in the fridge.

                Spreadable cheeses: I love laughing cow for this, its portioned out and its less calories, its a great traveling alternative.

                Cold Dips do well, tuna, crab dip, hummus, salsa. guacamole

                You can make your own platter with meats like salami, cappicola, pepperoni, ham, and a cheese, olives.

                If you go out for food and you have enough for a box to go, think if its going to fit your situation, also you can ask for two boxes or containers to sperate things such as sauces. Can you eat them cold like a sandwich or a pizza?

                Favorite indulgences. This is about the things you love that would fit the amenities you have in your room. My husband loves yogurt covered pretzels, I always by them for him.
                Chips of any sort, you can buy those clippies chip things at any store to kept them from going stale on your trip.

                Pita bread or pita chips, garlic chips, french bread, tortillas, potato chips, whatever you like. I always travel with extra zip lock bags. lol.

                Nuts - trailmix, soynuts, your favorite type of nut - peanuts

                Ketchup/Mayo/Mustard/ Soy sauce/ whatever packets.
                This can come in handy when you are traveling If you go to a fast food restaurant or whatever get one extra packet and store it. Sometimes that can save you when in a pinch.

                Cold Jar things
                Pickles, Peppers,- good if you are keeping sandwich stype stuff together. Jams and Jellys, yogurts.

                If you have a knife and a small cutting board think about lemons, limes, and fruits you love, that can go with your mixed drinks.

                Some of the girls on one film he worked on loved that I gave him flour tortills, and sandwich wrap toritillas , you can make a veggie wrap easy with veggies in the fridge and some sort of dressing. or cheese.

                The sky is your limit, just think of the things you want to be eating when you get those random hungry times.

                1. My wife and I take a toaster oven along. On our last trip to San Antonio from Houston, we stopped at City Market in Luling, and Smitty's in Lockhart, two of the very best of some fantastic Texas bbq. We had leftover brisket, sausage, and ribs, but the prime rib from Smitty's didn't last that long. The toaster oven is great for re-heating leftovers from the restaurants we eat at, and is much better than a microwave for re-heating.