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Slow cooker meatballs

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I am having a party tomorrow night and cooking meatballs asone of my snackies. Can I put (purchased) frozen meatballs in with the sauce? Do they have to thawed and cooked some before putting in the slow cooker. My oven is going to busy all day - and I thought this would be the simpliest. Can any help?

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  1. Yes, but it will take longer to cook. The heating power and capacity of the cooker determines how much more time. My 5.5quart says that frozen meats add 2-3 hours more cooking time.

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      Thanks for responding - icecone - if I put them in at about 7:00 A.M. - would they be O.K. at about 5:00 - 6:00 in the evening?

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        You could wait and put them in at noon and they would be fine. Been there and done that. Put them in at noon and served at 5:00. Poured frozen meatballs in, dump sauce on, plug in, done.

    2. I would just do them in a skillet with the sauce and then transfer them to slow cooker. Easy to get up to heat faster if you're in a hurry. Rinse your pan out and you're done.