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Looking for Really Healthy, High-Quality In-Home Meal Delivery Service for Ill Friend

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A close friend was just diagnosed with breast cancer and is having major surgery tomorrow . She will be recuperating for a while, then starts chemo, and she's looking for a really healthy, high-quality meal delivery service while she recovers. Ideally she does not want a diet food delivery service, but rather something super healthy and delicious. Any ideas? Maybe a culinary grad? A personal chef? A delivery service?

Thanks for your help,

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  1. I've hear wonderful things about homebistro.com and the website looks great.

    1. Look in to these:
      www.nu-kitchen.com: http://www.nu-kitchen.com/?gclid=CM_5...

      Fresh Direct's 4-minute meals: http://www.freshdirect.com/department...

      Naturally Tasty: http://www.naturally-tasty.com/


      1. You might want to ask if she has restrictions on what she can eat (e.g. if she is on a neutropenic diet where she can't have raw fruits or veg, etc.)....and pass those needs along to whoever you choose as a service.

        Best wishes for your friend's swift recovery.