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Mar 31, 2010 05:03 PM

Fernandez II vs. Brasilia Grill or other Newark Rodizio Recommendations?

tried looking it up on the boards but a lot of the them are outdated. Pretty much, tried Brasilia grill and liked it but my friends and I want to try other places and one of the places we were looking at was Fernandez Restaurant Ironbound. Have anyone been there recently or have any other recommendations?

Pretty much want to know what cuts of meats they have and if the service is good.


Brasilia Grill
99 Monroe St, Newark, NJ 07105

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  1. rodizio at McCart and Bridge st opposite Newark Baears stadium but they are all greasy and salty

    1. Sorry my typing is terrible.
      It used to be called Seabra's Rodizio and it is on Mc Carter just before Bridge St leaving Catty corner to the Bears Stadium.
      All rodizio are greasy and salty and not good for you but yummy.
      Much rather have you go into Harrison and eat at Mr. Nino's for great Italian and two of the best pizzas in America.

      Seabra's Rodizio
      1034 McCarter Highway, Newark, NJ 07102