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Mar 31, 2010 04:49 PM

The Wine Bar in Atlantic Highlands

We went to The Wine Bar in Atlantic Highlands last Saturday. I cannot believe there isn't more buzz about this place. So I thought I would introduce you guys to it.

We were taking a day trip up to Sandy Hook to visit some friends and this place is all they talked about so we decided to join them there.

The ambiance when you walk in is very warm and modern. It really gives you a feeling of sophistication, but not in a snobby's very welcoming.

I ordered:
Rocket Arugula Salad which has roquefort cheese, apples, candied pecans and cider vinaigrette. This is probably my favorite salad in a long time.

Roasted center cut filet mignon over roasted tuscan potatoes with bordelaise sauce and merlot butter. The flavors were fantastic and the filet was cooked well....which is always one of my pet peeves.

We even ordered a tasting of Cabernets which was I was very impressed with.

The service was very friendly and were on top of their game when we were there...and the manager held a very friendly presence...I will also add that she looks very familiar to me and she seemed to recognize me but I didn't want to ask from where to avoid looking like an idiot but I suspect it could be from another restaurant I frequented.

I would really like to hear if anyone else has been and what you ordered and of course what your impressions were.

After a google search when we got home I came up with the website and turns out they are on Open Table too...not much else though.

Check it out and let me know :->

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  1. I checked out the link... interesting and maybe worth a visit.... But is this place part of the Harborside? Next door? Behind? The reason I ask is that they both have the same address, 40 1st Ave in AH....

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      The entrance was on the same side as the street is. Facing the building it was to the right side.

      There is a set of glass doors that lead you upstairs to the Wine Bar.

      To be honest....I don't know whether they are part of eachother or whether they just share the building....there was no connection to the two from the inside, that I noticed, so I would imagine they are seperate businesses.

      Overall, the answer to your question's definitely the same building....the entrance is on the street side to the right and it operates above the Harborside. I hope this is helpful :-> good luck

      1. re: stuffed_belly

        thanks much... I often hit the Harborside, now I'll have to wander upstairs to find out what I'm missing....

      2. re: aklein

        Is it just me or does this place have the most confusing menu ever?

      3. The menu looks interesting, and some of the wines are inspiring. Some of their wine prices are even pretty fair, while others seem a bit steep. The price on Tim Mondavi's Continuum isn't bad considering the release price, although, I would never pay that much for a wine that needs another 10 years in the cellar. But then I see things like Conundrum for $11 by the glass when I just picked up a case of the '08 for $14 a bottle. This really isn't out of the norm, and at least they don't have 300-400% markups across the board on all of their wines. May have to give it a whirl Saturday afternoon as we'll be out that way. Thanks for the info. -mJ

        1. The owners of Harborside do own the Wine bar. They cook all of the food for the Harborside and the Wine Bar in the same kitchen, down in the Harborside. From what I understand its the same chef cooking for both places. The servers have it pretty tough running up and down the stairs to get the food when down. (there are stairs in the back not the front entrance stairs). Also, you will notice the servers work both upstairs and downstairs.

          This place is a great addition to AH. Its the perfect place to relax and enjoy some fine wine.

          I have only been there for a few drinks and I was pleased with the selection of wine, as well as the ambiance. Ill have to try the food out since everyone says its great.

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          1. re: J M S

            Prices look to be on the high side but from the web site it looks inviting.

          2. Their port wine pear tart hit the spot during a very late night design meeting. I liked the atmosphere. I hope to go for dinner one night with friends. Now that the weather is improving... AH is more inviting.

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              Haven't been, but I did notice that there is a $25 certificate available on

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                  yw. Btw - just got an email. Type in the code "Chow" at checkout to get 80% off so that $25 certificate will only cost you $2 until Tuesday.

                  1. re: seal

                    CHOW, really. How ironic! I've just sent the link to my partner in CH crime..we'll see.

                    1. re: HillJ

                      Just found them on FB also...from their fan site...they are advertising a wine dinner on the 14th....

                      **********copied & pasted from the FB site************

                      the wine bar presents...

                      robert foley wine dinner
                      wednesday, april 14, 2010
                      at 7:00pm

                      space is limited so reserve your table today

                      first course
                      spring seafood salad
                      fresh lobster, shrimp, and colossal crab meat
                      with a white balsamic vinaigrette
                      paired with robert foley pinot blanc 2008

                      second course
                      mushroom risotto
                      our chef's specialty of porcini, oyster, and crimini mushrooms, drizzled with truffle oil
                      paired with robert foley charbono 2008

                      third course
                      center cut filet mignon
                      in a red wine demi glace, served with a potato and shallot, bleu cheese and bacon cake, and sauteed baby vegetables
                      paired with robert foley merlot 2006

                      fourth course
                      chocolate eden cake
                      heavenly flourless chocolate cake topped with a frangelico whipped cream
                      paired with robert foley claret 2005

                      cost is $79 per person
                      plus tax and gratuity
                      reservations are required

                      The Wine Bar & Restaurant is located at:

                      40 First Avenue
                      Atlantic Highlands, NJ 07716
                      Phone: 732.291.1377
                      Fax: 732.291.4817


                      I wasn't sure if a link would have worked so I figured it was just as easy to C&P.

                      Hey....while we are talkin bout AH....anyone been to copper canyon lately? I need to go soon. Miss me sum crab cakes :->