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Looking for Good Doughnuts in Kentucky

I'm looking for good doughnuts in Kentucky, around areas of Lexington, Harrodsburg, Richmond, Berea, Danville, and Bowling Green. I'm not interested in Krispy Kreme or Dunkin Donuts, but local favorites or unique places. Any ideas?

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      Spaldings Bakery will put one of the finest donuts you ever had the pleasure of eating in front of you.It's in Lexington.

      If you can make your way down to Somerset an equally good donut can be found at Amon's Sugar Shack


    2. If you're ever in Louisville, go to Nords. Its the best around, or was when I was there

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        Andrew I agree...and was going to say the same thing?

      2. For Lexington, Spalding's and Magee's Bakeries have the two best doughnuts you can get. Unfortunately, Spalding's is a pure bakery with no room for sitting and enjoying your doughnut, while Magee's does have a very nice dining area (if you can get a seat!).


        1. Manchester Bakery
          Richmond Rd.
          Manchester, KY
          (606) 598-2997
          *This place is run by Mennonites. The yeast donuts there just melt in your mouth and could easily rival Krispy Kreme. They also sell bread and other baked goods.

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            and their cheesecake is to die for!!!!!!

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              old thread, but had to say the manchester bakery is the best bakery I've ever been to. they make everything from scratch, in small batches, and the taste is incredible. the bear claws and apple fritters are to die for, and the cream-filled pumpkin roll is perfection. the cookies are great, the breads are tender and the homemade rolls are scrumptious.

              I have friends and family who drive two hours out of their way just to visit this bakery.

            2. Stella Jane's just opened in Berea, KY, and it is actually pretty good. They have an interesting selection, yeast, cake, filled, frosted, powdered etc., and even though they are just serving your normal, basic doughnuts, they come out crispy and light. The people are very nice too!

              They just opened in January, so there isn't a lot of buzz about them yet. They poured some money into paving the place to put in a drive thru, and it looks like they are going to have some tables and serve coffee once they get on their feet.

              The Strawberry Cake and the Chocolate Dipped Chocolate Cake were particularly good.

              1. BOWLING GREEN:

                Don't miss the Great American Donut Shop @ 901 Us 31w Byp
                Locals refer to it as GADS.

                Also, Riley's Bakery @ 819 Us 31W Byp
                They make best Cinnamon Roll Twists!!!

                1. DoughDaddy's in Versailles and Spalding's in Lexington. Great doughnuts!

                  1. Dough Daddy's - it's on US 60/Versailles Road - it's about 3-4 miles west of Bluegrass Airport and Keeneland heading towards Versailles- they make them all night and they are always fresh.

                    Dough Daddy Cafe
                    8070 Main St, Jeffersonville, KY 40337

                    1. If you're in Western Kentucky, Golden Glaze in Madisonville and Whistle Stop in Hopkinsville are both worth a detour.

                      Whistle Stop
                      216 E Main St, Glendale, KY 42740

                      1. Spaldings in Lexington, KY

                        1. Here is a link to a NYT article that should help. Spalding's in Lexington is my choice, need to try the others.


                          1. A second on Spaulding's and DoughDaddy's. If you go to Spauldings, get there early AM--they sometimes sell out. When we were there, they only had their famous glazed donuts left.

                            1. North Lime Coffee and Donuts in Lexington has some really great flavors and the donuts are outstanding if you get there in the morning when they're fresh.

                              The coffee is excellent too. They use beans from a local roaster (Nate's) so it is very fresh and rich.