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Mar 31, 2010 02:02 PM

Free parking (somewhat) near Saturday Ferry Building Farmer's Market?

Anywhere? Don't mind doing some walking. I always take the bus, but i'm going to be with someone very averse to public transportation

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  1. I walk from Montgomery to Ferry building on a regular basis and don't think it is a bad walk at all. On the weekend there is free parking along the right side of Sacramento (at least above Sansome) and parts of Mongomery - I believe between Clay and California. I don't drive in much on the weekends but when I do I generally park near Sacramento and Montgomery.

    1. You probably have to go really early...

      "75 Howard Street Garage - Saturday & Sunday special $6 flat rate for the first 4 hrs, $3.00 hr for each 15 minutes afterward.Saturdays & Sundays Only. Validation not necessary."

      1. The Embarcadero Center garages validate. Oops, no longer free, now they're charging $2.

        Some other options:

        1. The one time I did drive, it wasn't too hard to find metered parking south of Market on the Embarcadero, and it's not super overpriced at a little under $3 an hour, which is probably what I'll do if myst's suggestion doesn't work out. However, it can start to add up if you really want to take your time at the market.

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            $3 an hour is steep compared with Embarcadero Center's $2 for two hours with FP market validation (or four hours with EC validation).

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              I found a free 2 hour space 2 weeks ago,at Harrison and Spear, up the block from Gordon Biersch. Very pleasant 1/2 mile walk in the sun down to the market.

              Gordon Biersch
              2 Harrison Street, San Francisco, CA 94105

            2. Here's one of the best deals of all: $3 all day (until 10 pm) at the Golden Gateway Garage across from the Embarcadero Center, with validation at the farmers market info booth. A short walk and cheap.

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                Apparently you have not picked up on the penurious nature of of vulber and wolfe. $3 dollars, are you kidding? It's only a mile and it's FREE.:-))