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Mar 31, 2010 01:49 PM

Looking for GREAT EATS between the airport and Lucas Oil Stadium please!!

Hi all,

Flying in on Saturday and looking for a great meal in the early afternoon on our drive from the airport to the stadium. ANY cuisine is in play. Would love any and all suggestions.

Thanks so much. KOBI

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  1. The ride from the airport is short (under 15 minutes) and there isn't much along the way. However, there are a lot of places to eat in downtown Indianapolis within walking distance of the stadium. So park the car downtown once, then go eat before the event. Stick to places south of Monument Circle (rather than places along Mass Ave or 10th/11th St) to keep them within a reasonable walk of the stadium. The Circle Centre is an indoor mall in that vicinity, and there are numerous restaurants there; they also have an inexpensive underground parking garage ( ). The best places are on the same block as Circle Centre but with entrances on the street. My favorite is the Oceanaire ( ), widely acclaimed as the best seafood restaurant in Indy; I've also enjoyed Palomino ( ) and 14 West ( - warning, their chef recently departed).

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      Thanks so much for the help - I really appreciate it!! Palomino looks fantastic . . ..

    2. nsxtasy is right - there isn't much along the way from the airport and the recs for downtown are good ones. I do like Palomino!

      A few I might add:

      Adobo Grill - 110 E Washington St - good mexican but Killer Margaritas and guac.
      Barcelona Tapas - 201 N Delaware - bright and cheery tapas - I really like the Tres Queso (what's not to like?) and the Jamon Serrano con Manchego
      Mikado Japanese Restaurant - 148 S Illinois - sushi!
      Mo's A Place for Steaks - 47 S Pennsylvania - Steaks and martinis
      Harry and Izzy's - 153 S Illinois - the sister restaurant to St Elmo's - they even have the shrimp cocktail with the blistering hot cocktail sauce
      King David Dogs - in case you have a mad crazy need for a killer dog.

      We've got mountains of chains all over the area - you won't go hungry.
      Have a great time!
      Go Butler! <giggle - I had to say that>

      King David Dogs
      15 N Pennsylvania St, Indianapolis, IN 46204

      Mikado Japanese
      402 N Dixie Way, South Bend, IN 46637