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There is nothing better than a fantastic meal and bottle of wine you brought yourself. So, I want to come up with an list of all the byob restaurants so I can visit everyone. Does anyone know of any?

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  1. In the Hartford area, places that allow you to bring personal wines and pay a corkage fee are:
    Hot Tomato's
    Pond House-WH
    Pazzo-Glastonbury and Rocky Hill
    Tango-Glastonbury (I think)

    These are the ones that come to mind off the top of my head.

    1. Buon Appetito, Canton CT

      Buon Appetito
      50 Albany Tpke, Canton, CT 06019

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      1. Nicholas Roberts, Norwalk.

        1. Newport, RI
          Spark, really creative food and small restaurant
          Puerini's, good Italian but BYOB may only be certain nights

          Puerini's Restaurant
          24 Memorial Blvd W, Newport, RI 02840

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            In New Haven, CT, it's Nini's Bistro on Orange St. Reasonably priced, creative prix fixe menus (they change every 2 weeks) and BYOB! We always take advantage of this and bring bottles from our collection that we would never order in a restaurant.
            Chef Stu of Nini's is a frequent poster here.

          2. Chef Waynes Big Mamou in Springfield. Its a little hole in the wall place that has great Louisiana style dishes. Theres always a line out the door when it's nice, so bring extra bottles of whatever you're drinking and relax with friends out on the sidewalk.

            Big Mamou
            63 Liberty St, Springfield, MA 01103

            1. Here's a few that are near me...I would love to see a comprehensive list.

              Guilford Bistro - Guilford CT. I haven't eaten here yet but my neighbor who is a wine freak goes all the time...


              Nataz, North Branford, CT. This used to be great before it moved (zany place, loud music, lots of fun and party atmosphere...now it's more sophisticated like a regular restaurant. Unique menu as far as letting them choose for you...owner is a nice guy.


              The Place, Guilford CT - This is an outside eating venue where you sit on tree stumps and bring your own side dishes and drinks. It's seasonal but should be opening very soon. I liked it...my hubby wasn't thrilled...it gets crowded once the weather warms...great place for a party.