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Mar 31, 2010 01:00 PM

Hot pot

I'm looking for Chinese restaurants that serve a good hot pot. It can be the 'add it yourself' kind or the 'everything dumped in the pot' sort. We're not afraid of seafood or spiciness.

I've had the fish hot pot at Asia Cafe and thought that was quite good. Chunks of white fish, lotus root, bok choy and another dark green, jalapenos, onion, and noodle bundles in boiling hot, Sichuan chile oil and brothy goodness. My sister is coming to town after positively obsessing about this hot pot for the last month and I'd like to take her somewhere else to try a different version of it.

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  1. I've seen a lobster hotpot at Ho Ho Chinese BBQ restaurant (pretty sure you cook it yourself) near parmer and I35 but I don't think its on their regular menu and you probably should call. This is the non Sichuan variety (since Ho Ho is a Cantonese restaurant) and thus made with clear broth instead of chile oil /Sichuan flower peppers/ thick broth.

    There aren't any specialty hotpot places in Austin. Anyways, if you don't find one that is suitable, you could try doing it yourself with a table top propane burner or an electric hotpot.

    It is a dish that is better in the winter though.

    1. Actually I forgot but you should also ask at Sichuan Garden in Round Rock.

      They are a good Sichuan restaurant that gives Asia Cafe a run for their money. On their website they list a hotpot.

      Sichuan Garden
      110 N Interstate 35, Round Rock, TX 78681

      1. I really like the chinese eggplant, salty fish, and chicken hot pot at Din Ho BBQ.

        1. Pao's Mandarin out in Lakeway has a delicious Hot Pot. I have only had their tofu vegetarian version but it was flavorful. Ask for the Chinese menu to get the un-Americanized versions of their amazing dishes. Be sure to start out the meal with their scallion pancakes.

          1. Sichuan Garden in RR has a 'yuan-yang' pot (the pot is divided down the middle into a spicy broth side, and a clear broth side).

            Since Claypot closed (where Ho Ho is now), I don't know of any other places like it now in Austin.

            Sunflower also has a cook-your-own-meat-in-broth/aka Vietnamese fondue type of thing on their menu.

            Kyoto on Congress has shabu-shabu.

            Sichuan Garden
            110 N Interstate 35, Round Rock, TX 78681