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Mar 31, 2010 12:26 PM

Babe's Roanoke worth the drive?

I'm taking out of towners to Babe's this weekend and want to know if the Roanoke location is that much better than the Carrollton location, or Garland or any of those locations closer to downtown Dallas. I've never been to any of them.

Any other suggestions for eating there?

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  1. You might look at the menus online. Roanoke only offers fried chicken and chicken fried steak, whereas some of the other locs have other items in addition - pot roast, catfish, green beans and desserts......

    Roanoke is generally my preference, but I have have been to the Carrollton location a couple of times and there's certainly nothing wrong with it.

    Can anyone tell me what the unique flavor/herb is in the pot roast?

    1. Both the Carrollton and Roanoke locations offer a great atmosphere with all of the decorations and such. I prefer the food at the Roanoke location, but both are good.

      1. Yes. But, make sure you have your cardiologist's number on speed dial.

        1. In a word, yes. Not the food, it's fairly standard IMO except for the menu variations (I have never been able to bring myself not to order the fried chicken, so not an issue for me since they have that everywhere), but I think the vibe in Roanoke is noticeably better than the other locations. Since you're taking people for their first time (always the best at Babe's!), Roanoke is the place to go. I've also been to the Carrollton and Frisco locations.

          IMO you're not missing anything by missing Babe's desserts, and there's more than enough food without them.

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            I live about 3 miles from the Garland location and it's the only one I have ever been to. (And believe me i have been multiple times) It is excellent there are about six entree choices and it's great. I can't believe the one in Roanoake is that much better and worth the drive. Just discussing this makes me hungry.

            1. re: Dallassooner

              I've been to the Garland, Frisco, & Carrollton locations and I like the vibe in Garland best. The strip mall setting adds a nice touch.

          2. I discern no difference in the locations other than the fact that Roanoke is funkier, and that might appeal to out of town guests.

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            1. re: DallasDude

              second that notion, I think the food at Babe's is good and remarkably consistent from location to location.