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Mar 31, 2010 11:19 AM

Downtown for two nights, including Men's NCAA finals, where to eat? April 5th

Staying at the W Hotel downtown Atlanta and need ideas for some tasty restaurants. It doesn't have to be BLT Steak or a white tablecloth but the four of us do want to sit and eat some good food and perhaps have a bar in the restaurant to watch the men's NCAA finals Monday night after dinner. We will have a car and would prefer not to drive more than 10 or 15 minutes is possible.
The concierge at the W mentioned Stats to me on the phone. In looking at the menu it appears ok and moderately priced, but I read another post on the board that said the food wasn't good, nor was the service.

Other mentions on the board for downtown restaurants that I've read include:
FAB French American Bistro (which I normally shy away from fancy french and their smaller artsy portions)
Rathbun's Steakhouse is mentioned as a short 10 minute drive but worth it.
Azio's on International?
Social seems to get good reviews as a local favorite downtown.
ROOM in the 12 Hotel.

Appreciate any input.

Lastly, we'll be driving up to Augusta to watch a practice round Tuesday. I have tickets but if anyone has any local hints on traffic, parking etc I'm all ears. My map says its 146 miles over to Augusta.

Chow in St. Louis

Rathbun's Restaurant
112 Krog St NE, Atlanta, GA 30307

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  1. Leaning towards Social and Peasant. Peasant has Monday Mussell's Night which sounds interesting. Anyone every tried them? $15 all you can eat and $25 with an bottomless glass of wine, although we don't know what wine.

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      Mussells on a Monday night doesn't sound too good to me....remember the old saying "never buy fish on Mondays..."

      I agree about Stats and dinner...not what you want, but go watch the game there after your dinner. It's a great atmosphere to watch a game, and you might be able to watch it on the rooftop. The food is not that great, so go to dinner somewhere else first.

      While Social does get good reviews and you can walk there, it's certainly not the atmosphere you are looking for. Despite good food, it's a small intimate place.

      From your list I would go with Rathbun Steak (yes it is a short drive).
      Room at Twelve is also good and you can walk.

      Rathbun's Restaurant
      112 Krog St NE, Atlanta, GA 30307