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Mar 31, 2010 10:11 AM

A bar downtown/gastown/yaletown to meet an old friend?

I'm looking for a comfortable place to go for drinks downtown. I have a old friend staying in Vancouver for a couple of nights, and I'd like to suggest somewhere to meet where we can lounge, drink a little, snack well, and catch up for a few cozy hours.

Not too expensive, not too cheap....just comfortable.

I'd love any favorite hang-out you all might have.


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  1. I tend to stick close to home for that sort of thing. For a quiet, cozy bar close to the Commercial Dr area, I tend to go a place like the shabby Wise Club at the Wise Hall (Victoria and Adanac - technically a members-only place, but you can come in to "try it out".) Or a new fave: the Wine Cafe at the Van East Cultural Centre (The Cultch) will get bit of activity during intermissions, etc, but it is pretty quiet most of the time.

    1. I like UVA wine bar for that. It is on Smithe and Seymour. They have a menu that is entirely snacky and you can also order from their sister resto's (Cibo next door) menu.

      1. There's always Keefer and Bao Bei in Chinatown: both great for drinks regardless of the varying opinions on the food. Neither are exactly quiet though (depending on the night).

        1. I like the Transcontinental in the train station on Cordova. Their martinis are good, their appy selection is good - the menu has some imagination - and it's close to the train. Works for me.