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Mar 31, 2010 10:08 AM

Brickwall (Asbury Park)

Brickwall was my go to place for comfort food (meatloaf, potatoes, veggies loaded with gravy). I also liked the chicken and my wife loved the turkey chili. However, our last few visits the quality and service has started to deteriorate – making me question, what I liked about the place? I should have seen the writing on the wall – first the meatloaf veggie changed from peas and carrots to green beans to cauliflower to none at all (you need to order a side now). You also got two large slices of meatloaf with good seasoning and now you get three thin bland slices without veggies for the same price. I think the chicken also has gotten smaller but my wife thinks I am crazy. I guess the chef's have changed and management probably is watching as closely - but regular patrons do notice small changes.

The one saving grace is the beer is still good, but they need to get rid of the band set-up area and place some more hi-top tables so I can seat, eat and enjoy the games.

Brickwall Tavern & Dining Room
522 Cookman Ave, Asbury Park, NJ 07712

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  1. I agree; the food did seem much better in the past. Oh, do I miss the prime rib hash...

    1. I was there last weekend. I understand there is a new manager there. He's a beer guy who plans on rotating the taps frequently with craft brews (great news!). I didn't notice a difference with the food.

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              Awesome Bgut
              That reply is more than meh

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            Was there a couple of weeks ago, have to concur... had the strip steak. I was expecting more flavor. One of my sides was the collard greens... needed more cooking time... mashed potatoes were good.

        1. Brickwall? An underwhelming annoying ripoff. The draft specials were advertised as pints and then the bartender informed us kindly that we'd only get glasses that looked to be no more than 10 ounces..... for $8.50!?!?!? But I wanted a real serving of Victory Golden Monkey! The decor looked like it came out of a bar-in-a-box kit - lots of facetious little signs that could only be found amusing in a college town. Please. Don't bother with this place. Go to Bond Street Bar around the corner - real bargains on quite good microbrews and tasty bar food, serious music, a classically recreated decor, a no-nonsense set of regulars hanging out, and a shuffleboard table too.

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            Wow, reading this post and your post on the Bond St. thread makes me wonder if you're not just trying to stir up a little bit of dust in favor of Bond St. Has Brickwall been deemed the direct competition of Bond St.?

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              You can say a lot of things about Brickwall...but one thing they're not is a ripoff. They have one of the lowest priced beers in our area.

              Also, I haven't ordered a Victory Golden Monkey there but it's supposed to be a like a 10% alcohol Belgian style...beers like that aren't usually served in pint glasses in my experience.

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                they don't have microbrews at bond st. bar, though the prices are indeed more economical. sierra nevada and magic hat #9 are standard at like houlihans at this point, whereas brickwall swtiches up a good 4 or 5 rotating taps with some harder to find selections (loved the turbo dog all summer long) . the food is where a great disparity occurs, however. brickwall has indeed gone pretty far downhill; the original inception had an ambitious gastropub style menu that was quickly downgraded, replete with well-executed bar snacks. it has been trimmed and supplanted a few times since, but i just can't seem to get a good meal there anymore besides a french dip sandwich. bond st. is definitely holding down the well-done bar snacks demographic, with dave cooking up great burgers and stuff. brickwall has become drinks only, whereas bond street's culinary path is entirely left up to whether they want to continue with the awesomeness or become complacent . like em both

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                  I'll "plus one" to the perception that the Brickwall food quality/concept has deteriorated. Like many places, they seem to have come to the conclusion that "booze pays the bills" and the food is simply a way to get folks to stay and drink more. Sadly, it seems the gastropub model doesn't appear to offer much potential for long term adherence at the Shore.

                  Now, as to Bond St. - they don't serve craft beers? Any elaboration lbg?

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                    harder to find microbrew, unique selection. like i was saying, they have magic hat number 9 on tap, the flagship brew from the burlington vt company, but as delicious as it is its becoming more commonplace at bars all over the shore. other than that sierra nevada is the only brew outside of the beer belt brews offered. not a knock at all on the place, its great, just sayin brickwall does indeed deliver on the craft beer front. now its 1 pm and it's already been decided i'm grabbing a beer straight from work, thanks for ruining my willpower with this thread ha