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In search of Nettletown review...

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Hey Chowhounders! Please post a review of Nettletown. I am interested in going to brunch on Saturday...

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    1. Just had my first lunch there. I can report very yummy things going on. The wonderfully moist lemongrass elk meatball sandwich, on a baguette with herbs, shredded carrots and sauce had a powerful flavor similar to what you might get at Baguette Box, but if anything, I think Nettletown delivered a subtler, more sophisticated version. The bread was a bit less crusty and therefore easier to eat, and the greens and herbs (I saw dill) made it quite elegant.

      I'll definitely be back to try more. Their egg noodle dumplings seem like a good bet, and I'm intrigued by the tea egg.

      The space is modestly transformed from its former incarnation. Out with the edgy mustardy color, and in with a deep turquoise. They could use a bit more art on the walls, but the overall feel is the same.

      Glad to still have food this good in the neighborhood.

      1. Went this weekend. Nice little place, but the menu is pretty limited...
        I'd say the only "substantial" lunch options are the 2 noodle dishes and the elk meatball sandwich.

        We both got the sandwiches this time, as well as a nice little snack of the ginger seaweed and pickled veggies (asparagus, pickles and onions) to tide us over.

        The sandwiches were definitely enjoyable (jjmccoy describes them well) as were the sides, but at this point it seems like a better option for a snack and a drink than for a real lunch/brunch.

        1. Nettletown is GREAT! havent been there for the brunch, but judging from the lunch i had there with my girlfriend, i would expect it to be awesome!

          1. Just had another yummy lunch at Nettletown (we're so lucky to have them blocks from the house), and I have to kvell a bit more. Had today's oyster, morel, egg, and potato cake dish in a cream sauce -- so very good, with huge, plump, flavorful oysters. Like an excellent breakfast chowder. Partner had the tofu fried rice with many good things going on. Splurged on the huckleberry cardamom bread pudding with cream for dessert. This fired on all cylinders -- crispy top, doughy center, slightly tart berries perfectly balanced by the slightly sweet cream. They really excel at gentle but firm flavors and nail it on taste, texture and temperature along the way. No criticisms at all.

            They're cooking at the Eastlake 4th of July party tomorrow down on Minor. Can't wait to try it.

            1. We hit Nettletown for lunch this weekend. By "we," I mean me and 3 pups. Off the bat, I have to disagree with the contention that the offerings are insubstantial or snack-like. My pups eat like horses and we all left with full tummies and were much more pleasant when we left than they were when we arrived.

              Anyrate, I had pan fried knoepfli with cabbage leeks and herbs, biggest pup had the nettletown noodles with seasonal greens etc and pork, little pup had the bowl of rice with baked tofu and pickles and grumpy middle pup started by claiming a complete lack of hunger [belied by her incrediable crankiness] agreed to rice with salty toasted seeds and sesame oil and then stole everyone else's food.

              The veggie version of the Knoepfli was both ample and very yummy--not too salty not too bland. I ate myself full, gave tastes to elder & middle pups and still had enough to pass on to middle pup. Elder pup liked his noodles with pork short ribs--there were 2 or 3 ribs to the bowl and the meat was very tendy and tasty. Little pup's Rice bowl was sort of reminiscent of bi bim bap but with pickled sea beans and carrot shreds. There was ample baked tofu. Even the rice with salty toasted seeds--pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds--was quite satisfying and a not skimpy portion.

              We couldn't resist dessert. We had the huckleberry cardamom breadpudding with whipped cream and some crunchy chow mien noodles covered in chocolate and candied ginger. Not sure how one makes yogurt whip cream but it was delicious and we didn't leave a drop.

              Add to it all, the meal was very reasonable, the location relaxing and the service pleasant.
              I can easily see myself getting cravings for knoepfli, not to mention the huckleberry cardamom bread pudding even today after a filling lunch at Ettas. We will definitely be back.

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                wrightangle review (above) mentions that Matt Dillon is a partner in Nettletown. Can anyone confirm this? Neither Corson nor new Sitka website mention Nrttletown. Thanks