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Mar 31, 2010 09:43 AM

Best place to buy saffron? - Albany/Saratoga area

We've always ordered by mail before but are trying hard to support local businesses. Is there a good place to get saffron locally? Decent quality at a reasonable price?

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  1. I do not buy it here. That said, I would probably start with Roma Foods (Latham, Saratoga) or Honest Weight Food Co-op (Albany). I vaguely recall a spice market off of route 9 on route 155. Turn at Bella Napoli. Phoenicians (Lebanese cuisine) on Central Ave. also sells some products, not sure if they have saffron.

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      There's no spice market on 155, but you might be thinking of Halal Meat and Groceries, on Columbia St., off of Rt. 9, which would probably be a good place to find saffron. There's also Indian Spices on Fuller Rd., which carries saffron. Mine usually comes from either one of the Roma's.

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        Thanks, PSZaas. These names sound familiar. I've driven by, still need to check them out . . .

    2. Not sure what you mean by "reasonable price." After all, it is the most expensive spice in the world. That said, I believe ordering from Penzey's is the most reasonable alternative. For 90% Spanish saffron threads, the costs are $66 for 1/4 oz., $16 for 1 gm., and $7.49 for 1/2 gm.; for 100% saffron threads, the costs for the same amts. are $82, $16, and $8.49.

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        I got mine at Putnam last time I made paella. Just checked there, and they always have it: 1/4 gm.=$9.99.

      2. Thank you all for the suggestions.
        I purchased saffron yesterday at Indian Spices on Fuller Rd.
        1 gram package that says "100% Pure Superior Spanish Saffron" was $9.99
        2 gram package was $18.99.

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