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Mar 31, 2010 09:42 AM

Sources for good fresh or frozen duck


I want to prepare some roast duck this weekend, and I'm looking for a place on the Westside or in downtown LA Chinatown to buy high quality fresh or frozen duck. I've purchased frozen duck from Gelson's, and I'm not wild about the flavor or quality.

Do folks have any suggestions of where I can go to? I've haven't ventured in to the poultry shops in Chinatown, but I'm wondering if I could fresh duck there.

TIA for any recs.


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  1. I've ordered fresh duck from the poultry stand (not Puritan, the other one) at the Farmers Market on 3rd & Fairfax a few years ago, it was excellent. But you need to give them a head up a few days before. I think I had ordered it on a Tuesday to pick up on a Friday.

    1. Mccalls Meat in Silverlake just twitted that they have "air chilled whole fresh duck" available this weekend. you might want to give them a call. I have yet to be dissappointed with their offerings of fresh meats and seafood.

      1. If you are not making it until Sunday, there is a vendor at the Sunday Hollywood Farmers Market that has fresh ducks. They are on the south side of the Market.

        Hollywood Farmers Market
        1600 Ivar Avenue, Los Angeles, CA

        1. Peking Poultry in Chinatown has amazing fresh ducks... NUM!


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            and by fresh, they mean, point at live duck, they will slaughter and prep it for you to take home.

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              Wow, amazing. When I make my tea smoked duck, I get the whole duck from Shang Lee Fresh Poultry, also in Chinatown. But my duck wasn't THAT fresh! (I picked it out of the refrigerated case).

              One interesting thing is that Shang Lee is one of the places that sells old chickens, so if you need a tough old but flavorful bird for a nice coq au vin, you now know where to go.

              Mr Taster

          2. Hi roz, I know this is a bit late, but you may want to check out Whole Foods, they have several selections of duck parts, whole, breast, etc., in the case, but not foi gras. I add orange & lemon juice, honey and stuff the insides with fresh herbs, lemon and unpitted Moroccan herbed/oil cured black olives and baste while cooking, and eat the puffed up olives when it's done, don't toss them... Yum. I usually get my duck frozen from the Chinese market or fresh from Whole Foods, but theirs has been thawed... You may check for a YaoHan in your area, I know there's one on Centinela/Sawtelle area in Culver City.. Though Dommy could have best Idea yet, worth it though some aged meats can be very very tasty.

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              YaoHan = Mitsuwa @ Centinela and Venice Bl