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Mar 31, 2010 08:35 AM

Powdered Egg Whites in Chocolate Mousse Question

I am making a substantial amount of chocolate mousse for a baby shower. The recipe I usually use, which I have successfully quadrupled, uses raw egg whites. The lovely pregnant mama to be cannot have raw eggs. Can I substitute powdered egg whites? I've never used them before. Or does someone have a recipe that is delicious that doesn't use eggs at all? (BTW - the egg yolks are mixed with the simmering cream first, then the chocolate is stirred in - do you suppose I need to worry about the egg yolks, too?)

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  1. Most major super market chains carry pasteurized eggs. But if you want to prepare a mousse without eggs, here's a "no egg" version:

    1. 1) powdered egg whites will work just fine
      2) yolks? YES! When you add the yolks to the eggs, you will have to bring it to 160 degrees and keep it there for a minute or 2. To answer your next question, you will need one of those food service thermometers to be sure.
      3) +1 on the whipped cream/melted chocolate/gelatin idea. Personally, I would not serve the classic chocolate mousse (even with the precautions) to a pregnant women or children.