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Mar 31, 2010 08:26 AM

Restaurant suggestions for Wilmington, NC and Savannah, GA in June (moved from General Chowhounding Topics)

My husband and I have decided to make a trip from Cincinnati to Wilmington, NC and Savannah, GA this June - and we love to eat, we live to eat. So I'd love it if you could recommend a few restaurants...since we don't have access to the freshest of seafood here, we'd love to enjoy some on our trip, but would like to eat whatever else NC and GA have to offer.

So far, friends of ours recommended Deluxe in Wilimington for Sunday Brunch.

As for lodging, I've found a few adorable bed and breakfasts - but I'm always looking for more suggestions, either near the history district with a nearby walk to the beach, or something on the beach - we'd like to be in walking distance of actvities.


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  1. First, you need to search the Southeast Board, where this post will be moved to. In Wilmington, I recommend Caprice Bistro, Catch, Port Land Grill, Jerry's and South Beach Grill (in Wrightsville Beach). In Savannah, Garibaldi's , Firefly and Mrs. Wilkes. If you are driving, you should definitely stop in Cahrleston, SC...a wonderful food city.

    FYI, this site does not allow any discussion of places to stay.

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      thanks for the info, going to check out the menus online!