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Mar 31, 2010 08:04 AM

Desperately searching for a very particular salted liquorice. Expert chowhound input welcome...

This is a desperate final attempt to find a kind of liquorice that my partner had only once way way back in the dim mists of time and is obsessed with. I'd really like to get some more as a present.

The liquorice is salted but not just any old plain salted. It is apparently liquorice fashioned into the shape of a small capsule or container shape which then contains a hit of salty water (I know, I know, this is not for everyone). I'd also be fascinated to know if this particular kind of liquorice has a specific name.

I've scoured the UK and tried the might of the Google but I can't find a supplier. Ideally I'd be able to source it from the UK (in person or on the internet) but I'm not averse to a European trip if necessary.

I've heard great things about this site so I'm hoping someone can help me out.


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  1. I was able to find it with an online search. the product is called salty licorice and it can be purchased on amazon. hope this helps...

    1. i forgot to post this link as well, here's everything you need to know about the product!

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      1. re: andieb

        Thanks for your reply. Maybe I wasn't very clear but I'm not just looking for liquorice with salt added to it (which I think is all the link you've suggested is) which is also fairly common but liquorice which actually holds salted water inside it - like how a cough sweet might have a liquid centre.

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          Try calling the people at Licorice International. They have the largest selection of black licorice and are very knowledgeable.

          1. re: chickenbone

            Thank you - I've e-mailed them.

            I'd still be really interested to hear if anyone else has ever encountered the kind of liquorice I'm posting about...

      2. Were they hot as well? Could it be these?

        (Tyrkisk Peber in Danish)

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          1. re: julesincoq

            They weren't hot but this looks like the closest thing to what I'm trying to find yet. Thank you both of you.

        1. Is the product you're looking for a chewy candy? There's a couple I've found that have a salt center, but they are hard licorice candies.

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          1. re: gmm

            Thank you for your recommedations. That's a great effort. I think this is now the closest thing to the holy grail.

            I've checked with partner and apparently the candy has a hard shell (like a cough sweet). There is also a kind which has pure salt (not salted water) in the centre. These apparently would also be acceptable...

          2. Sounds like you need someone who speaks Dutch/Flemish to do a search for you -- I'm betting your holygrail licorice came from somewhere in the low countries. I like the ones with a little ammonia myself.

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            1. re: beethoven

              My partner vaguely thinks the sweets were German but I agree - it's likely to be one of these liquorice obsessed European countries.

              1. re: coleridge

                I would bet the house that what he had was Türkisch Pfeffer, Salmiak-Lakritz-Bonbons:


                They are hard round candy with salt in the middle -- not spicy hot but kind of peppery. (Husband grew up near the Danish border so we buy a few bags for nostalgia reasons whenever we're up there.)

                Added bonus, if you crush then and steep them in vodka, you end up with a fairly popular party shot. (1 bag per 750ml bottle.)