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Mar 31, 2010 07:51 AM

Anyone have an opinion on Phara's tonight for a b-day dinner?

I want a patio, and although I'd love to go to Fabi & Rosi for their mussels and bread (yum...), my companions think that's going too far south during rush hour traffic. So, I'm resigned to staying up in "the land of the bland".

I've never been to Phara's, but it looks like fun.

My second and third choice are Roaring Fork Stonelake and Z Tejas, not because of the food, but the patio.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Maybe Cover 3 (again...)

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  1. Opal Devine's Marina has a nice patio, don't know about the quality of the food because I go there only to smoke a cigar and have a beer. The Roaring Fork, Stonelake, is a beautiful building although the food was nowhere near spectacular. I would select it over Z Tejas solely on the basis of looks and atmosphere, although ZT has a very nice patio also. I would venture to say that overall the food at ZT would be better. But, you didn't ask me to comment on all that anyway. J.

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      opal divine's marina (not actually on water, so not sure of the name!) has okay food, but not great.

      i much prefer z tejas' patio. it's gorgeous when the sun is setting, and the food caters to a lot of different types of eaters.

      never been to phara's or the roaring fork, but i have been meaning to check out RF because of some recent reviews.

    2. I love Roaring Fork Patio with the lake view. Pretty good deals at HH too!

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        last time I went to RF Stonelake, they didn't have the Big Ass Burger (or any burger) on happy hour and I found the other appetizers - meh. Do you know if they've added it? It really is one of the best porches on the north side.

        1. re: amysuehere

          that sucks; the big ass burger was the super bargain

        1. re: brentwood

          Fino was in my original hunt. I think I might be able to talk them into that. Do tell.

          My problem is one in the party that melts when it's above 70 (and she's lived in Austin most her life, if you can imagine that), so I may be S.o.L. anyway.

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            The Fino patio is sort of a lounge area. The restaurant is up on the 2d floor of a small complex, and set back a little off the street. They have some shades up (and I think maybe ceiling fans) so it's usually pretty comfortable. It might be a little small depending on the size of your party. Give them a call!

            They have a good selection of small plates and tapas. The cocktail menu is really terrific.

            (Sorry, BTW, that none of this is responsive to your Phara request. Never been there.)

        2. Wait, is it your birthday? Don't you get the final say?

          Vino Vino has good mussels and fries, FWIW, and a cute but small back patio.

          Vino Vino
          4119 Guadalupe St, Austin, TX