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Mar 31, 2010 07:30 AM

Strange fruit?

Tonight I want to initiate my Cubs into the wonderful world of exotic fruit.

I managed to find passion fruit and mangosteens and ramboutans but I know there's more out there. I was tempted to pick up some durian but that might turn them off fruit forever.

Have you seen anything cool lately? Any suggestions for a good place to shop?


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  1. You should try and get your hands on some soursop/guanabana. One of my favorite exotic fruits. When I was growing up in Latin countries my father used to tell me it tasted like every fruit in the world. I'm not sure I would go so far as to say that, but it does have an incredible flavour and very distinctive texture. I've seen it in Montreal only once - I just can't remember where! Anyone?

    1. Durian can smell quite strong, but can be very tasty. Instead of buying the fruit try buying durian icecream or sweets at your local Asian market.

      Alternatively, here are some fresh fruit to try:

      -asian pears (found almost anywhere) are shaped like an apple, yellow and have a light, slightly nutty flavour. Everybody likes them! It's an easy one to adopt

      -Lychee, these are again easy enough to find. Sami fruit is a good place to find fresh ones. The shell is prickly but fun to peel. Very sweet taste

      -Dragon Fruit aka pitaya Ok this is VERY exotic indeed, and not so easy to find. I discovered them in Hong Kong and went crazy for them. Recently i've seen them at IGA and Metro but i would stay far away from these. Instead go for an asian market, Marche Orientale near Jean-Talon, Marche Hawaii or perhaps KimPhat has these. They are a pink and green peel fruit while the interior must be white with black dots. Texture is close to a melon. Choose one that is "fat" and round over a longish one.

      PS: if you want exotic fruit, just wander around Jean-Talon market, foreign groceries or go to Sami Fruit (various locations). These are excellent places to discover new things and decent price.

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        Is it just me, or does dragonfruit have virtually no taste? Gorgeous fruit, but boring and not worth the cost.

        1. re: vorpal

          Yes, that is the case :p

          Its a cactus-fruit and it has a decent yield. It should probably be cheaper but the shipping/ low demand makes it expensive to sell outside of asia.

          In response to the thread, I really enjoyed picking apart a pomegranate in the yard when I was a kid. This should be done in clothes you don't fear staining....or as I experienced, in swim trunks on the grass.

          1. re: FullPalate

            It has really nice taste... where it's originated. Here it tastes too much like water. To get tasty ones, the trick is to choose "fat" small ROUND ones over long oblong ones. Also, they must be bring pink and firm to the touch.

      2. Cherimoya and cactus pears are two others. Guavas (they'll never forget the smell). Rose apples would be an amazing find.

        JTM, Atwater, Marché Hawaii, Kim Phat (the big ones), Chinatown

        1. Let them try custard apples. Flavor is not too foreign so I think they'll like it.

          1. Just back from a whirlwind tour of the Jean Talon Market. Checked Chez Nino and Chez Louis while there; the latter has a slightly larger selection of exotic fruits. Among the fruits I saw were cherimoya (custard apple), dragon fruit, logan, tamarillo, pomegranate, carambola (star fruit), kumquat, melano (horned melon), citron, finger lime (caviar lime), red currant, Sicilian blood orange and, I think, sugar apple (sweet sop). There were a few others that I'm forgetting. Sorry. Didn't have time to compile a list.