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Mar 31, 2010 07:05 AM

Downtown Nashville with teens

We are spending a Saturday night in downtown Nashville with our 12 & 16 yr old, would like to take them to a restaurant for dinner and music,before WE go out, any suggestions other than BB King's (that was my first thought )?

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  1. No live music, but I've been hearing great things about the place.

    Have you looked into Wild Horse?

    1. Unfortunately the places that have music usually do not have great food. I would choose BB King's over the Wildhorse. Set your expectations low and you might just enjoy it.

      I suggest that you go to Jack's BBQ on Lower Broadway. No music, but the honky tonks are right next door.

      1. If Stacy Mitchart is at BB's it's worth putting up with average food for a very good blues show with a seasoned entertainer and atight band. If that doesn't float your boat than go with what he ^^^ said.

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          All great ideas, wild horse fun for teens to see, Jack's I do enjoy, but BB King's for the best music....hmmmm......I've only been to Nashville with adults, is it appropriate to take teens in the honky-tonks during day, early evening to hear a few songs ?

          1. re: candlelady

            "but BB King's for the best music....hmmmm....." Excuse me, but what are you responding to? The one time I was in BB's I found nothing untoward about it and Stacy Mitchart is a long time fixture on the N'ville music scene and widely respected to boot.

            1. re: Cameraman

              I was agreeing with BBKing's having best music of the 3, the "hmmmmmm "was just can't decide what the kids would prefer ....; ) ...would love to see Stacy Mitchart...

              1. re: candlelady

                Gotcha! You should see him. Maybe not the best blues singer in the world, but a great entertainer.