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Adventures with cheese powder

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Driving around upstate NY, sometimes a good place to stop, stretch and grab a (non-alcoholic) drink is not a gas station. It's a little Amish store with a deli, baked goods and lots of bulk goods.

My impulse buy as I went to ring up at the register wasn't a candy bar, bag of chips or a soda. Nope- it was cheese powder. Not Cheez powder, mind you- white cheddar powder. :) I'd read about a King Arthur recipe for tasty homemade cheesy crackers some time back, and figured this purchase would bring the recipe to fruition.

As I'm driving away, I'm thinking, 'what else do I do with this stuff'? Later, a quick search for the Vermont Cheese Crackers recipe brought up this page with tons of ideas: http://www.kingarthurflour.com/shop/i...
(I'm not sure the stuff I have is this mix of cheese and buttermilk, and not sure how to figure that out really!


Will post back about what I do with this bag of cheesiness. If I'm not accountable to you, I'll end up just letting it sit in my pantry....and that would be a shame, wouldn't it? Other ideas for how to use it are welcome- I bet the inspiration will have me trekking back there as a destination!

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