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Split Top (New England) Hot Dog Buns

With lobster roll season coming, I wanted to know if anyone knows of anywhere in DC where one can buy the traditional New England split top (as opposed to side split) hot dog rolls that are essential for a good lobster roll. I haven't seen them anywhere.

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  1. I don't know that much about lobster rolls, having first had the pleasure only recently on a trip through New England, but Trader Joe's sells a whole wheat split-top hotdog bun. Might be what you want. I don't know of any local bakery that makes them.

    1. Giant sometimes carries the Pepperidge Farms variety. They're split top but a bit heavier & sweeter than what you'd find in NE.

      1. Giant also has some in-house top-split rolls. I haven't tried them, so don't know where they hit on the taste scale.

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          I prefer this type of roll for hot dogs and lobster rolls. I've purchased them at the Safeway near chevy chase circle.

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            The in house rolls at Giant are really good. You have to cut them yourself. Dough is a bit on the potato roll side. I use for hotdogs, shrimp salad and lobster.

          2. I have always found them at Wegmans- they are by the seafood counter, not with the rest of the bread.

            1. Wegmans! That's where I always find them and was very glad when they moved into the region. Hot dogs and lobster rolls just aren't the same without them.

              1. Trader Joes has them as well.

                1. Harris Teeter has a split top roll, 4 to a package, but more like a small sub roll than a hot dog roll. What I think you really are looking for are what we used to call caddies, made by Pepperidge Farm, as one poster said.

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                    Wegmans, at least at the Hunt Valley store.

                    1. We used to be able to find the "huggie" type buns that are thin and wrap around the hotdog or other filling at local supermarkets, but they seem to be phasing them out.

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                        Has anyone seen any recently in the D.C. metro or Bethesda area?

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                          Every Wegmans store that I've visited has them.