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Mar 31, 2010 04:08 AM

Cook and Brown anyone? Providence, RI

Has anyone tried the new Cook and Brown (across from Chez Pascal on Hope St)? They have a menu up at

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  1. I'm hearing not-so-great things about this place. Bummer as it's a great location. Anyone care to share their experience?

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    1. re: GSM

      Went the first week they opened and really liked it. Really good food and service. MUCH better than Oak (who it replaced). Only quibble is the price point is about 15% too high.

      1. re: GSM

        The complaints I have heard (seen) revolve around the short menu -- one of those "this is what we want to cook, if you don't like it, tough; just trust us" kind of deals. Mrs. W is someone who would not like that at all.

        This place is in my short list for a brief solo visit to Prov. in July. My easy out would be to sit at the bar at La Laiterie, eat charcuterie and mac&cheese, and drink wine, but I always like to keep my options open.

        La Laiterie
        184-188 Wayland Avenue, Providence, RI 02906

        1. re: Bob W

          Yes, I've heard complaints that the menu is quite limited. A friend who dined there for the first time recently told of a bland chicken breast served over cold potato salad-- said it made Oak look good.

          1. re: GSM

            The second time I went to CB was a couple weeks after they opened, my wife and I sat at the bar and ordered a series of app's. All our apps were very tasty and the bar service was good. If you don't mind a small menu (Broadway Bistro is similiar) I'd recommend it.

      2. Bar drinks are awesome. Food is just ok. It seems like they try to hard.

        1. Decided to give it a try since reviews on other sites seem to have improved so dramatically.

          Were were underwhelmed by the service and seating... maybe it was bad luck on our part, but we weren't the only ones flagging down our server to pay by the end of the eve.

          cocktails were decent; I like the location so might return for a drink, but not for dinner.

          green salad - big pile of lightly dressed baby greens on a too small plate
          bacon cashew granola - interesting, perked up the salad but odd for a stand-alone
          fettuccine with chicken ragu - tasty, like deconstructed chicken parm without the cheese
          roasted root vegetables with quinoa - good roast on the parsnips, quinoa-feta-cranberries was not bad
          coffee - nice big cups, but milk container is not to scale
          gingerbread stout cake with apple ginger gremolata - okay, gremolata was very gingery, and I like ginger (maybe it was too fresh?)

          My 2 cents.... anyone else?