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Mar 30, 2010 10:11 PM

The Main Maine goal HELP!

I just found out i will be spending the next 5 days in Kittery Point Maine!

I don't have a lot of time to research as i must pack my bags....but just want to confirm the info i reviewed thus far. Bob's Clam Hut and Chauncey Creek Lobster seem to be the most authentic no frills- for steamed lobster and clams....(that is the main(maine) goal for me. perhaps warren's for some clams? they sure sound nice.

Anneje Jans and Cape Neddicks for drinks and some food at the bar.....more upscale as is mcperkins cove....

It will be a beautiful weekend....we want to drink some good beers (SEA DOG PORTER!!/good bloody mary's and have some great chowda and clams and lobster.....oh it sounds dreamy!
help with :

best bar scene
best restaurant on water
best chowda
best lobster
best steamers
best fish market

thanks for your help in advance!

Any other places we need to try?

Bob's Clam Hut
RR 1, Kittery, ME 03904

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  1. bad news, Chauncey Creek is on outdoor spot open mother's day thru columbus day. You're too early. Hope you get some recommendations for places that are open.

    1. I'm one of those folks that will tell you to stay away from Bob's Clam Hut.... I know some folks really like it, but I've been there three times, and all three were disappointing at best, and nauseating at worst.

      I've heard people say nice things about Hebert Brothers Seafood on Badger Island, between Portsmouth and Kittery. They have a fish market, and also a kitchen menu.

      I know it's not the greatest place in the world, but I enjoy the kitsch of Warren's Lobster House. It's just so old school, you have to appreciate it.

      Bob's Clam Hut
      RR 1, Kittery, ME 03904

      Warren's Lobster House
      11 Water St, Kittery, ME 03904

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      1. re: BigFatDynamo

        I agree. Bob's Clam Hut is trying to live off the reputation made many years ago by prior managgement. Nowadays it is over-priced, frequently very disappointing, and - as said above - too often nauseating.

        Bob's Clam Hut
        RR 1, Kittery, ME 03904

        1. re: JakeN

          I agree with the Bob's Clam Hut comments!

          Bob's Clam Hut
          RR 1, Kittery, ME 03904

        2. re: BigFatDynamo

          I live just up the road from Bob's and go there fairly regularly. It's a popular touristy destination, but in my fairly educated opinion it's still the best place for fried clams north of Essex Seafood!

          It's cool to bash Bob's but it's not justified. It's in the middle of the outlets, next door to the Trading Post, always busy, but they sell a lot of clams to people who know fried seafood. Give Bob's a try.

          And while I know it's not a popular opinion, I think M/C's at Perkins Cove is overpriced and too chi-chi. Go to Barnacle Billy's and put up with the plastic tableware. They won't be open until Friday, April 9th, but the clam chowder is great, the Planter's Punch is excellent, and in the off season it's a wonderful place to hang out. .


          Barnacle Billy's
          50 70 Perkins Cove Rd, Ogunquit, ME

        3. i grew up in eliot, one town north of kittery, and now live on the nh seacoast, so i've tried a goodly number of each.

          a higher end indian place by the name of Tulsi just opened in downtown kittery, easily the best indian on the seacoast and definitely worth the price and wait. a group of seven of us all got different dishes and we shared them all, each one was heaven. while waiting, we walked around and found a wood grilled pizza place had just opened around the corner. i haven't eaten there yet, but read that it is the pet project of the head chef of anneke jans, so there is some promise there.

          as for bars, the location of the shipyard keeps the local options a bit lower end and occasionally skeezy, i would head to portsmouth, as it is just across the bridge.

          again, if you don't mind crossing the bridge, i find that the two best fish markets in the area are Philbrick's Fresh Market in portsmouth and Seaport Fish in rye. locals will send you to sue's, but i have twice purchased questionable fish from her. even though i lived 5 minutes from sues i would drive 20 to get the fresher options in nh.

          oh, and if you want good chowda and someplace that is open, drive south on 1A until you hit Petey's in rye. far superior to bob's in price and quality, you also get to sit down if you prefer (bob's has seating, but no serviced tables) and the beer is reliably cold. not to mention the lovely drive and view.

          hope that helps some, let me know what you look for in a bar and i can hone my recommendation further.

          Philbrick's Fresh Market
          775 Lafayette Rd, Portsmouth, NH

          Seaport Fish
          13 Sagamore Rd, Rye, NH