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Mar 30, 2010 09:59 PM

Red Velvet Cake in Pasadena

Can you take another red velvet thread?

I need a red velvet cake for Easter in Pasadena environs and I'd like it to be beautiful as well as delicious. Auntie Em's is well-reviewed on this site, but some have said it isn't that pretty . I'm going to be in Long Beach on Saturday and the RVC at Bake & Broil is well reviewed. Do they sell whole cakes? Thanks.

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  1. Bake & Broil sells whole cakes, but call ahead to make sure they hold one for you.

    1. Cake Sensations on Fair Oaks and Hope.

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        Wow. Talk about fast replies. I'm also thinking cupcakes might work even better for a crowd. Is Cake Sensations next to the Fair Oaks Pharmacy? I've never used them. Thanks for the tips.

        1. re: mocro

          I like the red velvet cupcakes from Dots-they have them in minis as well! Their cupcakes are very cute.

      2. Personally, I'd get the new RVC that Costco makes for $9.99.
        It isn't bad andmost people wouldn't have tried it yet and it will become a conversation piece.

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          I'd have to disagree. I have a weird suspicion that my Costco's RVC wasn't like yours, Monku, since (as I'd posted in that thread that was moved to Chains that) my cake was not only *not* rustically mounded like yours, it was a bit on the dry side, the frosting tasted like mostly regular frosting with some cream cheese thrown in for good measure, and the cake was flavorless. It just tasted like an average cake made with sugar. It looked quite factory-made, so I don't think it would impress visually, either. It had, strangely, crumbs of the red cake sprinkled haphazardly over the top and sides of the cake, which I thought looked really lame. Lastly, the color of the cake wasn't that pretty -- it was neither a bright red nor a deep chocolatey red but somewhere in between that struck me immediately as not the pretty color I'm used to seeing. Oh well.

          1. re: buttermarblepopcorn

            My daughter can't wait till we get another one.
            She thinks the one at Bake & Broil is dry compared to the Costco RVC. She's given up on the B&B RVC and switched to their German chocolate cake. As far as color what's the difference it's all red food coloring. The red sprinkled crumbs on the outside is something I've seen done on other places that make RVC.

            1. re: monku

              Yeah, I agree that the shade of red shouldn't be a big deal -- although I must say that a significant part of the RVC's appeal for me is its coloring, with that bright, eye-catching red contrasted with its pure snow-white frosting -- but I only pointed it out (and the crumbs) because the OP was concerned about appearances as well as taste.

          2. re: monku

            I test drove the RVC at Costco this week and thought the frosting - which is the best part of RVC! - tasted like white frosting w/a hint of creme cheese. Ok for after a weekday dinner but not for bringing to a party. Think I may make one myself as it sure looks easy - especially the Cake Doctor version.

            1. re: mocro

              I just tried the RVC from Costco this weekend and I very much support the frosting. It isn't sickly sweet or overpowering like most cream cheese frosting. It's light with just enough tang that it goes well with the moist cake that is just chocolate-y enough to know it's red velvet and not chocolate cake. Highly recommended IMO.

          3. Violet's in Pasadena is the way to go if you want cupcakes. They are wonderful!

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            1. re: Fru

              Violet's does make some darn tasty cupcakes! But I wasn't a big fan of their red velvet

              1. re: crystaw

                Since I can almost always taste the red food coloring in Red Velvet, I've given up on even trying it. So honestly, I have never had it at Violet's. I am way too content with her chocolate and mocha flavors.

                1. re: Fru

                  Have you had the neopolitan!? It's funny looking but yummy!

                  1. re: crystaw

                    I'm going to have to get past bad memories of Neapolitan Ice Cream Soup first....What flavor is the red part?

                    1. re: Fru

                      Neapolitan Ice Cream Soup? Yeah-that just sounds bad to me. Here's the description of the Neapolitan from Violet's website:

                      Neapolitan- A cousin to our Hi-Hat, this cupcake is amazing. A madagascar vanilla cupcake piped with our fresh strawberry buttercreme then dipped into chololate.

                      Normally I don't like frosting or frosting like things, but this strawberry buttercreme was delish.

            2. i like the red velvet cupcakes at claims jumpers...