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Mar 30, 2010 09:58 PM

What should I teach my 5 year old grand daughter about cooking?

I have a grand daughter that seems to be curious about cooking....Well let's face it, she is curious about everything.

I taught her how to bread pork chops a couple of weeks ago. She seemed to really enjoy herself. I have a stool and can climb up and watch. She knows not to touch the stove.

Any suggestions? I worry about a sharp peeler but she could probably learn to peel carrots and potatoes.

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  1. My daughter has beenhelping me in the kitchen since she was 2.5. She assists w/ baking, she can crack eggs, clean veggies, peel carrots. I would teach her whatever keeps her interest.

    My Mom bought my daughter some good kitchen supplies from the catalog linked below. They have good choppers, bowls, graters, etc. for young kids.

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      My niece wanted to help me crack eggs at that age. I remember one time when we needed 2 eggs and went through most of a carton with eggs landing on the counter and on the floor. But she was able to do it.

      She was able to turn the mixer on and see how that changed everything.

      She also liked smelling different spices and getting to identify them, like nutmeg, different kinds of cinnamon, cardomom and everything else.

    2. what allfrog said. Get her her very own mixing bowl and whisk and cookie cutters, ect, so cooking at grandma's house is even more fun. I started my kids chopping precooked things like carrots and potatoes, using butter knives.

      1. I know that I started peeling stuff around her age, so i wouldn't worry too much. You can also have her mix stuff, like pancake batter or a salad dressing. I started to make pancakes, and waffles by her age. By 6, I was making them for the whole family. She could also prep lettuce, washing and tearing into the bite sized bits.

        Not sure about special kids stuff, I think I enjoyed using the Adult stuff to help cook more than any special kid's utensils.

        Basically, if she's enjoying doing stuff with you and helping, that's the best part! It's a wonderful thing to pass on your knowledge to the next generation.

        1. I also agree with allfrog - at 2 my daughter loves just watching me cook and helping to stir/pour etc. I'm loving that link, thanks for sharing!
          At 5 I remember making french toast with my grandma and by 6 or 7 I was even at the stove cooking for my family. My daughter loves peeling apples to make applesauce and any type of baking. I leave the oven light on so she can watch muffins/cupcakes/brownies rise. Snapping green beans is another fave, you can also let her cut softer fruits with a plastic knife or butter knife and make fruit salad. same could be said of squash and other soft veggies.
          Have fun, I can't wait to cook more with my daughter!

          1. Our son makes pizza on Friday nights. Our granddaughters ages 3 and 5 love decorating the pizza. At age 5 they can easily mix muffin batter or scoop cookie dough onto a cookie sheet. It's a good age to start teaching how to measure things although I would be careful with expensive, spillable ingredients like vanilla.